How to Export and Backup Instagram Photos

How to Export and Backup Instagram Photos

How to Export and Backup Instagram Photos - Instagram has become the most popular application in a short time, both for iOS and Android devices. You must have been using Instagram on your mobile phone to make cool pictures and sharing with colleagues in online media.

Of all the advantages of Instagram, there is one thing that is not available to him, namely storage option. If you want to be able to save the photos from Instagram website and to your computer hard drive, you need the help Instaport; a simple web app that has the ability to backup Instagram photos in a zip file.

To export Instagram photo and store it in the local hard drive in the computer, open a website Please sign in using Instagram ID then click 'Yes' to open access through Instaport Instagram.


When access has opened, select ' file' and select the option to download all the photos, click the 'Start Export'

Instaport will start doing your request to export the photos from Instagram. It took some time until this process is complete, depending on the amount of your photo collection on Instagram. Once the process is complete, Instaport will provide a donwload link, click on the link to download all the Instagram photos belong to you in a zip file.

Well, if you want all tersimpand Instagram photo collection on your computer, please use Instaport as the steps we have given above. Good luck.

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