understanding and using the full instagram

understanding and using the full instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing app that lets users take photos, apply a digital filter, and distribute them to various social networking services, including Instagram own property. One unique feature is the cut in Instagram photos into a square shape, so it looks like the results of the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid cameras. This is in contrast to the 4:3 aspect ratio that is commonly used by the camera on mobile devices.
Instagram can be used on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with any version of the operating system iOS 3.1.2 or later and any camera phone with Android operating system 2.2 (Froyo) or later. The application is distributed through Apple\'s App Store and Google Play.
On April 9, 2012, it was announced that Facebook agreed to take over Instagram with a value of approximately $ 1 billion.


Burbn, Inc..
Established in the year 2010 the company Burbn, Inc.., Is a technology startup that focuses solely on developing applications for mobile phones. At first Burbn, Inc.. itself has too much focus on the HTML5 mobile, but both CEO, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, decided to focus on one thing only. After one week they were trying to make a good idea, in the end they made a first version of Burbn, but in it there are still some things that are not perfect. Burbn version which is final, is an application that can already be used in the iPhone, which is where the content is too much with features. Difficult for Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to reduce the existing features, and start again from the beginning, but eventually they just focus on the photos, comments, and also the ability to like a photograph. That\'s what eventually became Instagram.

Instagram name
Instagram name comes from an understanding of the overall function of this application. The word \"insta\" comes from the word \"instant\", like a Polaroid camera in his time better known as \"instant photo\". Instagram can also display photos in an instant, like a polaroid in the zoom. As for the word \"gram\" is derived from the word \"telegram\", which is a way of working itself telegram to send information to others quickly. Similar to Instagram to upload photos using the Internet, so that the information can be conveyed quickly accepted. Therefore Instagram come from instant-telegram.
On April 9, 2012, it was announced that Instagram will be taken over by Facebook valued at nearly $ 1 billion in cash and stock.
how to use instagram

FEATURES Instagram

Social system in the Instagram account is to be a follow other users, or have Instagram followers. Thus the communication between fellow Instagram users themselves can be intertwined with love and also give an indication of the photos commented that have been uploaded by other users. Followers also become one of the important elements, where the number of signs like the followers greatly influence whether the photo could be a popular photo or not. To find friends who are in Instagram. Can also use their friends who are also using Instagram via social networks like Twitter and Facebook as well.
Uploading Photos
The major use of Instagram is a place to upload and share photos to other users. The photos are going to want to upload your iDevice can be obtained through the camera or the photos in the photo album on the iDevice.

Pictures that have been taken through the Instagram app can be stored inside the iDevice. The use of the camera via Instagram can also directly use the existing effects, to adjust the coloring of the picture desired by the user. There is also the effect of tilt-shift cameras whose function is to focus an image on one particular point. After the photo is taken with the camera in Instagram, the photo was also able to play him in accordance with the wishes of the user. The photos will be uploaded via Instagram not limited to a certain amount, but Instagram has a limited size for photos. Size used in the Instagram is the 3:2 ratio or just a box-shaped course. The users can only upload photos in that format only, or must edit the photo used to adjust the existing format. After the user chooses to upload a photo in Instagram, then the user will be taken to the next page to edit the photo.
Photo Effects
In the first version, Instagram has 15 effects that can be used by the users when they want to edit a photo. The effect consists of: X-Pro II, Lomo-fi, Earlybird, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Apollo, Poprockeet, Nashville, Gotham, 1977, and Lord Kelvin. But right on the 20th of last September has added 4 pieces Instagam the latest effects; Valencia, Amaro, Rise, Hudson, and have removed 3 effect, Apollo, Poprockeet, and Gotham than in the feature. In effect even if the user application can also eliminate the picture frames that have been included in these securities. Other features available on the editing is Tilt-Shift. Tilt-shift, the same function as the camera via instagram effect, which is to focus on one point at a picture, and surroundings become blurry. In use Tilt-Shift application has two forms, namely rectangular and round. Both of these forms can be set large and small, as well as the desired focal point. Tilt-shift is also set around the photo in such a focal point, so that the user can set the level of blurred around the focal point in the photo.
Title photo
After the image is edited, then the picture will be taken to the next page, where the photo will be uploaded to the Instagram itself or to other social networking. Where in it is not only no option to upload to social networking or not, but also to include the title of the photo, and add the location of the photo. Before uploading a photo, the user can enter a title for the photo call in accordance with what the minds of users. These titles, the user can offend other Instagram users with a list of the person\'s account. The user is also able to label the title of the photo, as a sign to classify the image in a category.

Such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram also has a feature where users can offend other users as well, by adding arroba sign (@) and incorporate Instagram account of that user. The users can not only offend other users in the title picture, but also in the photo comments section. The user may offend other users by entering Instagram account of that user. Basically the user touched the other, which is intended to communicate with the users who have alluded.
Label Photo

A label on the inside Instagram is a code that allows the user to search the image by using the \"keyword\". Thus when the user to label a photo, the photo can be easier to find. Label itself can be used in all forms of communication is concerned with the photograph itself. The user can enter his own name, a place where taking the photo, to proclaim an event, to signify that the photo following a race, or to indicate that the image is produced by community members instagram. The photo has been uploaded, it can put a label in accordance with the relevant information with a photo. At this time the label is the best way if we want to promote in instagram photos.
As a medium for mengundah photograph, one of the uses of Instagram itself is to be a photography competition arena. In this race, the race organizers to use labels to mark signifies that the photos you\'ve uploaded have been following the race. A race photos through Instagram is one way to make a product better known by the public. The organizers also provide a period of time so that more and more users from instagram who follow the race. In general, the race is held through instagram, not just give a gift, but also to be a winner then it will be known again in the world of Instagram by other users. This allows followers of the Instagram users will multiply.
Publication of Social Work
Usefulness as social media, Instagram became a medium for memberitakukan about a social activity, from a variety of local or foreign terms. The means used to follow it is to use instagram label. By using a label that discussed the social activities, the more people who follow it. Instagram thus be one good promotional tool in delivering an activity that. Examples such as the label # thisisJapan project where he uses the label in instagram to attract the attention of the international community to assist the natural disasters that occurred in Japan at the beginning of last year.
Publications Organizations
In the Instagram also many organizations that publish their products. For example just like Starbucks, Red Bull, Burberry, or Levi\'s. Many of these products are already using social media to introduce new products to the public, it is because that they do not have to spend money to promote the sepersenpun. Not only that, but through instagram the products can interact directly with their customers. It is also used by those products, to get more consumers, especially when they want to approach customers who have not used their products. Many more organizations are using instagram as a medium of information to the general public.
After entering the title of the photo, the next part is the part Geotag. This section will appear when the iDevice users activate their GPS in the their iDevice. Thus the iDevice can detect the location of where the user is located Instagram. Geotagging itself is a geographical identification metadata within a media or photo site. With geotagging the user can be detected where they\'ve taken the photo or where the photo has been uploaded.
Social networking
In dividing the photo, users can not only share in the Instagram alone, but the image can also be shared through other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, and also posterous, which is available on the page to share the photo .
Sign Likes
Instagram also has a feature like that where the sign function is the same as what is in Facebook, which is a marker that other users have liked photo diundah by other users. Based on the duration and number of likes on a photo in Instagram, that\'s the specific factors that affect whether the image is popular or not. But in this case, of course, the number of followers is also one important element. When an image is to be popular, then the photo will be entered directly into its own popular pages.
When a photograph into popular pages, which is a place where a collection of photographs from the popular all over the world at that time. Indirectly, the photo will be a thing known by foreign people, so the number of followers were also able to grow a lot more too. The photos are in the popular page will not be so on the page, but over time there will be photos of the new popular more that goes into the list of the pages.
Regulation in Instagram
As a place to mengundah photographs of the general public, there is a separate regulation of Instagram, so that the user does not mengundah photographs that do not comply with regulations. The most important rules in Instagram is that they are very hard to ban the photos as pornography, as well as other users mengundah photo without asking permission first. If there is one photo of the same account seen by other users, dining tersebuk users have the right to tag the photo with a flag or report it directly to Instagram.
With Photo Marking Flag
Tagging photos with a flag serves users destructive ball of cooperation in the complaint use Instagram. This includes when a pornographic photo, threats, stolen photos or impersonation. In a photograph marked with flags (flagging) information about a person who has been marked to be kept kerahasiannya.Para other users can also report the first photo when finding a photograph with the same offenses.

Instagram itself evolved from an iPhone app to share photos, until now become a social enterprise that develops internet. Statistical significance after 10 months after discharge, instagram attract 7 million new users who have mengundah 150 million photos in instagram. While instagram itself only has 5 staff who work in them. Until now there is no spam among users, and the activities of the users were more likely to like a photo and comment on the photo. Of the users who are continuing to communicate with each other, the relationship of the users becomes even tighter, especially if they know that they are in the same location. This is what was originally to be the beginning of the communities Instagram or more commonly known as \"iGers\". With the spirit of the community to get a response from other users becomes important when uploading photos. Not only that users are encouraged to take more photos and allows the user to think that the images they were more artistic than ever before. Until today there are more than 141 communities in the world instagramers. The community not only categorized by countries only, but major cities in a country. Indonesia was also one of the countries included in the Instagramers.
iPhonesia fan community photography and digital imaging through the iDevice. iPhonesia own prolonged from (i) Device (Pho) tographer Indo (nesia), is the first iPhonography community in Indonesia. This community was introduced since last January 12, 2011. \"Initial formation stems from a desire iPhonesia fellow fans iPhoneography (call for photo enthusiasts use iDevice) to share knowledge in photography taking pictures and using apps on the iDevice. Starting from a twitter account that was initiated by me and Gunawan HP and assisted by several friends, we finally launched a community mailing lists as a medium of communication is on the 16th of last January, \"said co-founder iPhonesia, Aries Lukman. The existence of this community event is intended as sebauh exchange information about the applications, as well as editing techniques. Gunawan community led by HP, Aries Lukman, Kezia Susanto and Riswan this Christianto, has more than 1300 members in the group mailing list, and more than 2300 followers on Twitter. In the social media to share photos, Instagram, more than 800,000 have been using the hashtag # photo iPhonesia. This makes # 5 iPhonesia hashtag into the largest in the world and still growing up at this time.


With more time, Instagram continues to grow. In the beginning only a few users only, now has more than 8 million users from around the world. Not only was it to balance the increasing number of users of Instagram, Instagram version continues to increase. On September 20, 2011, Instagram has released its latest version 2.0 with some added features and improved. Instagram own development, then the more the people who want to use it as well. Like what is written in the book of Roger F. Fidler on mediamorphosis, that the development of the media going through the stages of a particular time and in tandem with the development of existing technology. But not everyone can have a layman to use Insatgram iDevice. Ordinary people who want to use Instagram, but has no more use Android iDevice. There are also apps like Instagram on the Android, Instaroid, that which in use are able to love and also commented on a photo, but in this application the user can not use the camera via Instagram. As CEO Kevin Systrom of Instagram, also not sure whether Android can use Instagram or not. \"It is very important to us, but we were only 6 people. Android to be our main priority. But first we have to do is build a team and determine the best person in the world to work on this project, "said Systrom.

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