How to Conserve Battery iPad, iPhone and iPod

How to Conserve Battery iPad, iPhone and iPod

Have an iDevice but are often made dizzy because the battery drop at crucial moments? There are some tips in this article that you can try to maximize battery iPhone / iPod / iPad. Some tips will be easy to digest because it makes sense, but you might be surprised with some of the other tips. Please see one by one:

How to Conserve Battery iPad, iPhone and iPod

1. Keep your iDevice from the sun
Whatever you do with your iPhone, iPod or iPad, wherever and whenever, remember to always keep them from sunlight. Not only the sun, but every HEAT. This means that if you are in a room without adequate ventilation, no air conditioning, or in a hot car for vehicle engines, then you may not use or store the iDevice in places like that.

The explanation is simple, hot (whatever its source) will be very easy to turn off the battery than any factor. If you are in a hot spot, even though the iPad battery has to be charged for hours, still it will be eroded by the heat and you have to charge again. If it is too often the case then the battery will wear out and you have to replace it. In conclusion, use and store in a cool iDevice.

2. Reduce the brightness
Very high levels of brighness certainly require high battery power. You do not need to set it especially at night. Just set the brightness level at 30% position via Settings> Brightness & Wallpaper.

3. Auto-Lock
Make sure the screen is locked quickly. Select the lowest minutes available on the iPhone. The reason? Although you have set the brightness at low levels but still remain in a state if the iPhone unlock in the long term without you using it for work, the screen still requires battery power. Set auto-lock through General> Auto-Lock. You will feel the difference, especially if you are used to keep the iPhone in my pocket in a state of un-locked displays.

4. Airplane Mode (iPad / iPhone)
If you are crazy about Angry Birds game and spend up to 8 hours of playing the game, just use Airplane Mode. This is because we can be sure you will not use the internet on the iPad / iPhone while playing Angry Birds. It should be remembered when you turn on Airplane Mode then all the phone calls on the iPhone can not enter. But if you do not mind the activities jamming game Angry Birds disturbed many phones, so just disable Airplane Mode.

Another reason is to enable this mode when you are in the difficult area mobile networks and the Internet. Why? for iPhone and iPad will repeatedly try to get the connection. Impact of course will use more battery power. You can set the Settings> Airplane Mode.

5. Use WiFi, not 3G
If it may be better to use WiFi only, not 3G. Apple said the iPad's battery can last up to 10 hours when used with a WiFi connection, but only 9 hours if the 3G. IPhone battery on WiFi network can last up to 10 hours but only 6 hours when used on 3G networks. Arrangements can be made in Settings> Wi-Fi, select the network you want.

6. Mail & Calendar Checking
Reduce the menu list on the Mail, Contact, Calendar. If you have a stack configuration on the email, calendar, or contacts, then the menu will check email periodically once downloaded continuously. And it takes a battery.

You can set it in Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Fetch New Data, set at the time the longest or just choose Manually to check manually.
7. Push Notification
As much as possible reduce the number of Push Notification. Check any application that is not so important for you to get notifications. Look in Settings -> Notifications, and turn off notifications for apps that are not so important. This will save battery life by reducing the data from the internet that was downloaded to your iPhone.

8. System Sounds
Reducing System Sounds? It sounds silly, but you should practice these tips. System Sounds really only use a small amount of battery power but if you are careful and want to turn off everything in the System Sounds, then the battery will be more efficient. Set in Settings> General> Sounds.

9. Disable Location Services
If you do not require Location Services, just disable this menu to save a little battery. Set in Settings> General> Location Services> OFF.

10. Bluetooth
If not using a headset or bluetooth keyboard, you should turn off this feature. Activate bluetooth continuous course requires its own battery power. Enable if you really need. Set in Settings> General-> Bluetooth> ON / OFF.

11. Turn off Vibrate
A number of games using the vibration feature if you know, it requires battery power. Non-turn vibration on the games you play often because it will save the battery.

12. Charge and Discharge
iDevice you need this service at least once a month (see the article about Battery Calibration). Do not forget to also charge the battery as soon as possible without waiting for the battery is completely discharged and die in a long time.

Good luck, and hopefully yours iDevice battery can be maintained and preserved

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