How to Use Instagram on Android

How to Use Instagram on Android

How to Use Instagram on Android - Who is not familiar with instagram? Instagram is a photo processing application is now world famous sanget mobile. Instagram previously only available on the iPhone, but now has expanded to not only exist on the iPhone, but there is in Android as well. Admin can say that for image processing applications / running on mobile photo, instagram is a cool app. Not only that, you can also instantly share your photos that have been edited into a social network such as facebook, twitter, etc.. Many of the effects that are created from the Instagram. Here is How to Use Instagram on Android:

1. Click the icon Instagram\'s in android
Instagram on Android

Android Home Screen
2. Once clicked, it will appear automatically form Register. Where you must have an account instagram to be the next step. If you do not have instagram account, you can Sign Up first, but if you already have an account you can simply login instagram

Register Form
3. Please enter your username and password

4. If you click the button in camera, you will see a collection of pictures of you and your friends

5. If you want to take pictures with the camera, just press the button once again with a picture camera

6. Well, at the current step you can choose the color you like effects

7. After selecting the filter / color effects you can instantly share photos to social networkmu earlier. With a record you have to have internet access

8. Well if you want to share photos of her jamming to twitter, it could be really. Just enter your twitter username and password in the login form (note the picture below)

9. The next step you simply press the \"UPLOAD\" button to send the photographs to social networkmu account.

10. Completed, upload photos you were going to go straight into account twittermu

11. In addition, you can also see a collection of the most popular photos by clicking on the icon with a picture of star

12. To see your friends\' activities on instagram, you can see the next tab.

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