Skype WiFi. Cheap alternative for Internet access iPhone and iPad

Skype WiFi. Cheap alternative for Internet access iPhone and iPad

Internet access iPhone and iPad

How often do you spend a small fee to access internet iPad while on the go? Sometimes the price offered by the hotel makes less sense, especially if you are traveling abroad. You have to pay extra just to check email for a few minutes. Now there is a solution that is easy and inexpensive.

Through his blog, Skype revealed their decision to bring WiFi service for iOS devices:

"Skype WiFi is great for travelers all over the world, this is a must have app for your iPhone or iPad, whether you're traveling on business or simply enjoying a holiday abroad. Skype WiFi offers a simple and cost-effective way to get online access iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. Removing the cost per-minute basis for WiFi Internet access is a good choice when you are abroad, because you can avoid data roaming charges when you update Facebook, send a tweet, make a Skype call or upload photos. "

WiFi service from Skype is an alternative that allows the traveler to get online access in one of the Skype WiFi hotspot. This hotspot locations vary, such as hotels, airports, train stations, convention centers, bars, and restaurants around the world.

The Skype app can be downloaded for free, but to use the services you need Skype Credit. Which is quite a relief, costs incurred to enjoy Skype's service is much more affordable than most WiFi option. Costs starting from $ 0.06 per minute, and no data caps. Access one hour will be charged at $ 3.60.

If you just need internet access for a few minutes, the price is certainly an option that is quite good when compared with the price offered hotel, which could reach $ 15 per day. With affordable prices you can check email, send a tweet, upload photos and many others. Skype WiFi is available for download at the iTunes App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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