Tips Android: Sideload Android Apps From Sources In addition to Google Play Store

Tips Android: Sideload Android Apps From Sources In addition to Google Play Store

For those of you who are not familiar, the term 'sideloading' is a synonym of installing an Android app into your smartphone, but specifically for applications that do not come from Google Play Store.

This kind of activity is not recommended for general users because many Android apps clad seals free / pirated but the virus particle in it. However there are times when you need to try an application that is still in the testing step of the leading developers / reliable, or also install an app that leaked before the official release.

If that scenario happens, then there is no other way except to sideloading, and here are the steps:

Step 1
Doing sideloading is easy. Simply go to Settings, then scroll down and select the option 'Security.' Scroll down and once again find the option 'Unknown sources' tick the option for open access applications from sources other than the installation of the Play Store.

Step 2
After opening the access, you can now download an app (or APK) from a download link.

Step 3
Once downloaded, the file will generally be located in the folder 'downloads' on your mobile phone. Click the application that you have downloaded (usually ending in '. Apk'), and you usually will find a number of pop-up that asks if you want to re-verify with Google to ascertain whether the APK file contains malware, or to install as usual.

Select the first option first, and then follow the installation instructions. You will see a number of apps permissions as well as the option to install, similar to the option when installing via Play Store. Click install and after the process is successful, you can choose to tap the Done option or open the application directly from the option.

To be safe, it would be better to go back to Settings and disable / tick the option 'Unknown sources. " Sometimes rogue apps (even apps were downloaded in the Play Store) sudden access your phone without notifying first.

Easy enough right? Do not forget that this method should be used for applications that are on trial, not the pirated apps or paid apps that has been cracked so that you can play for free.