Tips Android: How To Take Screenshot on HTC One

Tips Android: How To Take Screenshot on HTC One

Whether you are one of those who ended up being a fan of Android because HTC captivated? If yes, here is a little guide on how to take screenshots on your new phone.

HTC has 2 ways to take a screenshot: 1) version of Android (4.0 and above) and 2) his own version of HTC. For the first way is a universal way for users of Android 4.0 to the above: a combination of pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons, while the 2nd way is the HTC version that uses a combination of buttons; Power and Home button.

For the first way, you have to press both the Volume Down button and its Power simultaneously until there was a shutter sound, then release both buttons. Thumbnail of the screenshot will appear briefly on the screen, and it will pop up a new notification in the Notification Shade. You can tap the notification to view it, or access it on the album is also in the application Screenshot Gallery.

2nd way is the HTC version; You can take a screenshot by pressing the Home button Power button. This method can also be done in a number of HTC products such as the HTC One X, X HTC Desire, HTC Desire dam U. To retrieve it, simply press the Power button for a half second and then quickly press the Home button. Do not press the Power button too long because it will actually bring up the option to turn off the phone.

Difference of these two methods are both have flash animations and also shutter a different tone. 2nd way will bring the message at the bottom of the screen and does not show up in the notifications, so you can only see it in the screenshot album in the Gallery application.

Good luck!