4 Ways. Verify Paypal Without Credit Card

4 Ways. Verify Paypal Without Credit Card

4 Ways. Verify Paypal Without Credit Card - Who does not know paypal, the most famous payment processor in the world is already familiar to Internet users. With paypal you can receive or send money to and from abroad. For people who are in the business of online whether it be a sale of goods, pay per click, paid to click and so forth, is very desirable paypal to receive money from the business. For those who have never had a paypal may be giddy to verify the new paypal. Paypal does require users to verify the accounts that have been made using a credit card, so it's a lot of people are confused to verify paypal because many of those who do not have a credit card. Here are 4 ways verify paypal without requiring a credit card:

Verify Paypal Without Credit Card

1. Verify Paypal Using VCC
Since the number of people who do not have a credit card but need to verify paypal, so many traders took the opportunity to sell VCC (Virtual Credit Card). With a virtual credit card to verify your paypal account with a virtual credit card that has been provided by the seller.
weakness Verify Paypal using VCC
Disadvantages of using VCC is if there is a limit of paypal for one thing and the paypal require documents relating to the credit card transaction receipt eg credit card, etc. then you may have difficulty giving what the paypal want, you have to make evidence- false evidence associated with the required documents and if the paypal see this cheating then your limit will not be removed.

2. Verify Paypal Using Entropay
Entropay provide virtual prepaid credit card. By signing up to become a member Entropay, you can have a credit card and paypal verified because the Entropay will give you a virtual credit card that can be loaded (filled). Entropay only used to verify paypal can also be used for shopping on the Internet as well as other credit cards.

3. Verify Paypal Using Savings
How to verify that the success rate may be 50% - 50% because you are hoping to meet with the kind-hearted paypal. On this occasion I will give you tips on how to verify Paypal without Credit Card or VCC (Virtual Credit Card) Indonesian version.

Log in to www.paypal.com Once logged in, mouse over the menu right next to the profile above and click add / edit bank account.
If so, fill in all the data until the end.

 If the process of entering the data bank has been completed, the next step is to contact Paypal by clicking the Contact Us or Contact Us located on the bottom right.

After that you will be taken to the Paypal help center. Select Email and send questions about who should be equipped laden Paypal account so that you can immediately verified.

At this stage you are just waiting for the reply of the Paypal. If there is already a reply that contains a full laden to come, seek the full completeness and send it back to Paypal. after that wait longer reply email from Paypal party, if you submit requisite conditions are correct, then within 2 x 24 hours you will get an email reply stating your Paypal account is verified. You can instantly check your Paypal account and if you have verified the status of the previously bertulisakan Unverified be Verified.

What to Look For

The terms that you must complete and send to your Paypal Party is Self Identity Data and Evidence Savings Book that you have. You can also send files must be less than 500 kb. In my experience, the first time you send loaded, loaded I send are rejected because they are not listed on the passbook account names and numbers are clear, but all I had my scan and send according to applicable regulations. In this process, because it is not clear, then I edit again scanan passbook that I have a way to add information like the image below:

By adding a caption as shown above, finally my Paypal account has been approved and verified by the Paypal.

4. Verify Paypal Using Payoneer
This is my favorite way. Payoneer virtual prepaid credit card is the same as Entropay, but the excess Payoneer card is shaped so that it can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs around the world are using mastercard logo. Excess verification using Payoneer is the verification period is 3 years old. After all if you have a Payoneer you can receive and send money like Paypal. Payoneer other advantages is that you can have a Virtual USA Bank Account.