How to Shop on Ebay Using Paypal

How to Shop on Ebay Using Paypal

Shop on Ebay Using Paypal

How to Shop on Ebay Using Paypal - PayPal is one of the uses to transact on ebay, you play as either the seller or buyer. In this article, we provide information for those who want to buy stuff on ebay. To purchase items on ebay, you must register first condition to become a member ebay and Paypal account has an account.
Here are the steps you can take to buy stuff on ebay

1. Open the ebay website and please login

2. Find the item you will buy goods

3. If sudahvmenemukan things we want, click on the blue button labeled 'Buy it now', then it will appear as shown below:

4. Then click the 'Pay now', then the item will appear at the reviews on the goods we buy, the amount, the amount to be paid, shipped goods destination address, type of delivery. Enter a message to the seller if any provision of the enactment of purchase.

5. Then there will be questions, payment transactions using what? credit card or paypal. Select Paypal, then automatically we will go to the paypal website.

6. Please enter your user login paypal, we will immediately confronted with a bill number and shipping address. If we are going to add a note to seller, then wrote the note in the add instruction to seller.

7. Then click on the yellow button labeled 'Pay'

8. Payment process has been completed

9. If we want to print the results of payment, click on 'view Printable receipt', then click the 'print'

10. Click 'Done' to terminate the transaction