How to Make Android Mobile Display like the iPhone 5

How to Make Android Mobile Display like the iPhone 5

How to Make Display Android phones like the iPhone 5 - Buddies want, pal Android phone looks like the iPhone 5? If so, you just need to install an application called Fake iPhone 5 for Android.

This application will make Android phone look like an iPhone buddy is not new by any means, but it seems to keep a lot of interesting new things Android users. If you're curious about how iOS 6 will be visible on Android phone pal please download the Fake iPhone 5 for Android here.

Created by users on XDA Developers, Fake iPhone 5 is a replacement launcher that makes this Android phone screen looks almost exactly like the iPhone 5.

Screen home screen icon that looks like a duplicate of iOS 6. By default, the launcher starts with four rows of icons, but you can switch to five lines.

As great launcher looks, it does have some limitations that may prevent you from running it all the time. For example, you can not rearrange the icons on the screen and you lose support widgets.
Tip: To switch back to the previous launcher, press the Menu button on your Android phone, then Advanced> Switch Launcher.

Are you interested in using Fake iPhone 5 as your main homescreen launcher? If yes, please buddy install Fake iPhone 5 on Android buddy.
Download Fake iPhone 5 for Android here (read: Fake iPhone 5)