How to Use Skype on the iPhone

How to Use Skype on the iPhone

How to Use Skype on the iPhone

How to Use Skype on the iPhone - Skype is a messenger application that provides a variety of exciting features that are not shared by all the other messenger apps. Skype phone facilities of Skype to landlines and mobile phones, conference phones, send sms and so forth.

New Skype iPhone allows to perform Sign in to Skype on WiFi or Hotspot area. In the installation, Skype already supports all popular smartphone devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Windows Phone.

How to Use Skype on iPhone - How To Install Skype on Android
For Android users, how to install Skype on your Android easily. Go to Google and type in Skype Play in the search box, then install the Skype application. To be installed properly, make sure your internet connection is good and does not break.

Installing Skype on the iPhone

How to Use Skype on the iPhone - Features of Skype on Android
The following Skype features are available on Android:

• Instant messaging
• Skype-to-Skype calling
• Skype video calling (only for selected types of android)
• Calling mobiles and landlines
• Receiving calls and Skype calls to Skype Numbers (can be for online Skype number)
• Participating in conference calls
• Synchronizing with Android phonebook
• Importing from native phonebook
• Call forwarding
• Showing favorite contacts
• Contact list filtering via lists
• Skype SMS
• Voice messaging
• Connecting to Bluetooth devices

Thus how to use Skype on the iPhone, in essence all you have to do is install Skype to your Smartphone or iPhone. Because Skype has made ​​in such a way for easy use. May be useful


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