How to Upgrade OS Blackberry using Desktop Manager

How to Upgrade OS Blackberry using Desktop Manager

How to Upgrade OS Blackberry using Desktop Manager - As a Blackberry user may we have experienced slow Blackberry Smartphone, hourglass merely due to an unstable OS or OS that needs to upgrade, or Smartphone in a state of Corrupt file or Nuked OS (just a flashing red LED light-blink but will not load to the menu). I wrote an article here about how Blackberry OS Updates.

Before we are to Blackberry OS Updates we need to prepare the equipment that is:

1. Computer, laptop or netbook or notebook.
2. An active internet connection (modem, wifi, lan, etc.)
3. Blackberry Smartphone congenital usb cable, usually a mini usb or micro usb.

Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software icon on the computer will appear like this.

How to Upgrade OS Blackberry

if there is no software Click here to download.
Will appear like this ..

Fill in your full name and current email address, then click download. Download is complete go to the folder Download, Install Blackberry Deskop Manager on the computer.

Plug the usb cable from the computer to the Blackberry Smartphone with usb cable, choose Update. Here I use BB Bold 9000 because Davis BB 9300 is up to date.

Will appear after clicking Update Blackberry OS option and it looks like this.

Later there is a choice which OS version will be downloaded directly to the BlackBerry Smartphone.

Note: If the BlackBerry smartphone is turned off, error or nuked select the lowest OS version.
Follow the upgrade process to complete, not to cut off the internet connection, the battery must be fully charged also. If there is a failure in the upgrade process on the Blackberry Smartphone, Smartphone will not run normally, and start the upgrade process from the beginning again.

Good luck and hopefully useful to us all.
Note: The article will follow later in the day.