How to Track BlackBerry 10 Lost With Blackberry Project

How to Track BlackBerry 10 Lost With Blackberry Project

Track Lost BlackBerry 10 Using BlackBerry Project - Currently, many people prefer to lose wallet than mobile phones. Why? Mobile phones that are now widely used to store various important data, such as data stored in e-mails or other documents, which may not be replaced by money.
Well, for the owners of devices based on BlackBerry 10 operating system, device loss might not be a scary thing anymore. All of this can happen due to the presence of features of BlackBerry Protect.

Track BlackBerry 10 Lost With Blackberry Project

By using this feature, users have the ability to lock (lock), delete the data, giving a warning, to track the device remotely.

Users can also perform back-up data to the cloud so they can get back important information in case of device loss.
Interestingly, BlackBerry Protect is available as a standard feature on every BlackBerry device 10. That is, these features are directly available in the BlackBerry 10 devices.

Terms of Use
When users turn on the BlackBerry 10 products for the first time, they will be prompted to create or log-in to your BlackBerry ID account. Once completed, by using this account, users can directly activate the BlackBerry Protect features.

After activate it, the user can perform all functions through the BlackBerry Protect website

In these sites, users can see the location of the last of their 10 BlackBerry devices. By using the services of Bing Maps, the existence of a lost smartphone can be detected.

However, one feature that takes advantage of the GPS of the BlackBerry device 10 so that, when the device loses signal, it is possible that the system will be a little difficult to track the phone.

In addition, users can also create smartphone "shout" Play Sound using the feature.

Features that can also be run through the BlackBerry Protect website will make the device emits a fairly loud for a few seconds.

This is very useful when the smartphone is lost still be near the owner. If there is no hope, then the last step you can do is lock or lock all smartphone data.
The only drawback of this feature is BlackBerry Protect impossibility of back-up data wirelessly. The process can only be done through a special software BlackBerry 10.