Tips BlackBerry 10: How to Make Lock Screen Message

Tips BlackBerry 10: How to Make Lock Screen Message

Mobile is an easy thing once lost, either due to forgetting to put, stolen or dropped in the street. To secure your BlackBerry handset, there are easy steps you can do.

Handsets running BlackBerry OS 10 has the ability to create a message on the lock screen. Your message can be set as needed but if you want the person who finds your phone can get back to you, must have your name and phone number that you must enter daruratlah as the initial information. If you have not set a lock screen message on the BlackBerry Z10 or Q10, please follow the way shown below.

1. When the center home screen display, swipe down from the top bezel.
2. Tap Settings - Display.
3. Enter a personal message that you want. This message will be displayed on the lock screen BlackBerry handset.

How to Make Lock Screen Message

After doing the three easy steps above, then when you lock the screen and turn it on, you create a new message will appear on the lock screen. To eliminate the message, repeat the steps above and delete the message in columns 1 and 2.

In addition to using a lock screen message, maintaining security BlackBerry handsets can also enable you to do with BlackBerry Protect. With these features you will be able to find and secure a chance BlackBerry handset if lost or stolen. But more importantly, take good care of your BlackBerry smartphone.

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