How to Verify Your Site in Pinterest

How to Verify Your Site in Pinterest

Site Verification in Pinterest. How to Verify Your Site With Pinterest For Access Web Analytic - Pinterest is a relatively new social networking around the concept of image sharing. With more than 50 million active users, Pinterest will quickly become a great social network that provides site owners and webmasters a good reason to verify their site Pinterest. Recently, Pinterest introduces Web Analytic programs to assist the webmaster. But to access the features of this web analytics, your site must be verified first with Pinterest. So here's my attempt to show you how to verify your site with Web Analytic Pinteres to access, I am also going to tell you a bit about why you need to add pinterest to your website.

How to Verify Your Site in Pinterest
To verify your site, log into your Pinterest profile. Click the arrow next to your profile picture which is in the top right corner, and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Upon entry to the Settings page, you will find a column website. Enter the full URL of your website on the column and then click Verify Website button on the right column of the website earlier.

You will get the option to verify your site by uploading an HTML file. This file will be given to you after you click the Verify button. Download this file, but do not hang up your Pinterest page verification. Go into your website Cpanel or FTP account, then upload the HTML file earlier to your Root directory ( Once you're done, go back to the verification page Pinterest and click the 'Click Here' is given in step 3 to complete the verification process.

If you use Blogger or some similar platform where you can not directly upload HTML files, then you click Verify with meta tag. Then you have to go into the source code of your website (template or theme code) and place the meta tag provided by Pinterest under code. After that, go back to pinterest page to complete the verification process. See the image above for more details! 

Why You Should Verified Site?
One of its functions, site verification form links between web sites and Pinterest account. Account associated with the website to have more authority. This account is marked with a check mark next show on their web site on their profile page and below their name in the search results.

In addition, after verifying your site, you can access the Web Analytics Pinterest that can provide insights into how well the content you create, and the content which ones work and which ones do not.

So do the verification on your website now, and if you encounter a problem, please leave comments, and we will try to reply as best as we can. ^ ^

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