How To Make a Pinterest Business Page

How To Make a Pinterest Business Page

How To Make a Pinterest Business Page - Maybe you've thought about how to create a business page pinterest, how to make a pinterest business page or how to set up a business page pinterest. Well, I have a little story for you about how to start a business pinterest page.

Pinterest is a visual social-based technologies. Features that exist on Pinterest allows users to indicate board-board favorite by way of pin. Pinterest also predicted to foster engagement between buyers and sellers.

Engagement in order to wake the buyer, the seller should publish the board-board appeal. In addition to drawing, the board also needs to have a value-added so that the interested buyers to always follow the activities of sellers on Pinterest. By doing so, the brand products are sold will be top of mind buyers.

There are three unique and creative ways've done some overseas companies in growing its customer engagement through Pinterest.

Every one pin a dollar appreciated

A Japanese electronics company from ever implementing a social campaign. They make a board that contains the gadget of choice. Then, each customer is me repin one pin will donate one dollar for a foundation.

Ways social campaigns such as this makes the customer actively involved in these activities. In addition, the electronics company claimed, with the campaign, the brand awareness of its products are created and the buyer arising from the engagement.

Using guest pinners

One creative way to use more Pinterest is by asking a public figure or an expert to fill the board. Sellers can make a special board contributor category. The Board will be filled with the result pin of the community leaders. So, it would be interesting Pinterestnya page and always awaited by customers.

Naturally, the chosen contributors are people who are experts in the field or understand the products sold by the online store owner.

Trying to introduce a business carried on to the buyer personally

Engagement can be due to personal emotional bond between sellers and buyers. To foster the personal connection, the seller can 'introduce yourself' through Pinterest.

There are two friends from Vermont, USA, who introduced the ice cream business through Pinterest. Board that they have helped the customer to understand who is the founder of the business, what is the background of the establishment of their ice cream business, anyone who works there, the pin of the customer, until the ice cream recipe that they sell. They said, this board is made so that the customer can feel that they are very caring and want their customers to participate in any activity of an ice cream shop.

I hope to inspire you