How to Use Social Media Pinterest

How to Use Social Media Pinterest

how to use pinterest

Pinterest is a social media website that has a unique concept of sharing media such as photographs or images Pinboard. So how do I use Pinterest?

The uniqueness of Pinterest is a visual pin of images draw people\'s attention to look at the pin. We have to make Pinboard advance of the category / theme pin what will Pinning on Pinterest. Pin can or can download from your blog or website link, depending on which image you would like us to add, and Pinterest will distribute and display to the other pinners sesuidengan similarity Pinboard. Pinterest is different from other social media, is not like any other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Klout that measures your influence on social networks.
For those who want to know more about Pinterest, there are some terms in Pinterest for we know such as;

Pin: A picture that we attach to Pinboard Pinterest
Pinning: An attempt to attach an image to the board Pinterest
Pinner: People who commit Pin or Repin
Pin It Button: Button Pin can we put in the blog / website
Repin: Efforts to re-post a Pin from other Pinterest users
Board: Pin series that we order based on common themes or categories
Follow: Measures to keep track of the contents of a board of a user Pinterest
Commenting, Like: it must already know the function
and as for the mission of Pinterest is;
  "Connect everyone in the world through the \'things\' they find interesting."

So it\'s a little explain about Pinterest. Regarding the history of Pinterest, social media has been standing since 2009, but is still in Beta. Pinterest managed to earn the visitors with 11 million visitors per week, a figure that is fantastic for social networking as young corn. From the results of this data Pinterest enter the Top 10 Social Networking Hitwise version.

Regarding how to register to have an account in Pinterest is still using Invitation, To be able to use Pinterest, you should get your friends or ask Invitation Request Invitation directly to the website to get an invitation to join Pinterest. Now, the registration process requires each user to connect Pinterest account with your Facebook or Twitter account.
For those of you who are interested to apply, please go to Contact Imuzcorner and enter the Subject; INVITE ME and and his Message Invite me to join Pinterest. And I\'ll invite you from my Pinterest account without you requesting from Pinterest. Subcribe or via Email.

What are the advantages Pinterest for Bloggers? benefits are many, we can share anything what, our affiliate promotional image or promote our blog by pinning your website, the more followers we are, the more people who will see us pinboard. Mass we Apparel Trade Online, we simply make Pinboard Clothing or 'Cool Clothes' and pin it we insert your pictures through our website links to fashion are worth a look. Simple is not it? Because of Pinterest users are faced with Pictures or photos are not the writings of a little boring. So wait no more, join Pinterest unique way to share through pictures. For more details you can see the slides I use in detail Pinterest Here I am sharing with you, if you like it please share with others, no matter how small share!

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