Download Photos Facebook with PickNZip

Download Photos Facebook with PickNZip

Download Photos Facebook with PickNZip

Maybe it never crossed your mind to take a photo or even download your friends on facebook. If you take his photo one by one of course is easy. But what if that photo that you want to download in large quantities. Then it will be a little troublesome. But this time, to download all the photos in one click or even in an instant, it is not difficult anymore. There is a wide range of applications or any add ons in firefox that can be used. One application that can be used is PickNZip.

PickNZip application is a relatively new application in facebook. With this application, you can download at once all the photos your friends on facebook. How it works The first application to compress all the photos you want to download into a zip or rar format, and then just downloaded and saved to the computer or even your laptop.
How do I use it? That is what will poke discussed in this article. That is about how to download facebook photos with a click using PickNZip applications.
Here are the steps.

- First of all, login to your facebook account.

- Then open a new tab and enter the following URL

- Click Allow to grant access to your facebook profile.

- Choose which photos you want to download the new window that displayed by PickNZip.

- Select the name of your friend that you want to download and select the album or tag the photos you want to download.

- Select the image to download or click Select All to select all items or click on find my pictures to search for images.

- Click on Review & Download for taking pictures.

- Select the download format you want to use (ZIP or PDF format).

- Click Save to File ready to download.

- Finally, open the file that you downloaded earlier to compress application files you have.

Thus, by following the above steps, you have successfully downloaded all the photos you want in an instant.

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