conserve phone battery when using Facebook and Twitter Apps

conserve phone battery when using Facebook and Twitter Apps

conserve phone battery when using Facebook and Twitter Apps

conserve phone battery when using Facebook and Twitter Apps - It's no secret that a number of applications so easy to drain the phone battery, including Twitter and Facebook apps. The reason, the two applications that use larger memory than other applications. Perhaps also they use the data connection is greater than the other. It can be seen from the number of features that are refreshed frequently, such as Like, Comment, Reply, Retweet, Favorite, Message, Invitation, Direct Message, and the like.

While on Twitter you can easily set how often refresh the Reply and DM are given in the notification, not so with the Facebook app. And therefore you have to keep the app Twitter and Facebook to get the proper notification is given at the time. But as their mutual, you will find that the battery runs out very quickly. As an alternative, you can turn off both the application and open the or to see how big effect on your battery life.

You need to know that even though Facebook and Twitter have given a special application for iOS and Android, but in fact the two social media is still giving preferential treatment to their mobile site. That's because cell phones on the market in general is very diverse and mobile phones that do not support Facebook / Twitter app will automatically use the web version to access both. To provide a good browsing experience, including posting status and ngetweet and check DM, Facebook and Twitter provide functionality in the mobile site as they provide functionality in the mobile version of the app. Even if you look at, Facebook often provide updates to the mobile site shortly after giving the update for the desktop version, even in advance of the Facebook version of the app for Android and iOS.

Well, with the privileges and advantages granted on Facebook and Twitter mobile site which clearly could save phone battery, it's time you just uninstall Facebook and Twitter apps from your phone. Then you can easily bookmark and on your mobile phone. On the iPhone, just tap the 'Share' and choose 'Add to Home Screen' to facilitate access through homescren. In Android, you just have to bookmark the website and select the second option 'Add to Home Screen. "

After the battery problem could you cope with access Twitter and Facebook via a mobile site, what about messages? Obviously you need to open a second site to find out if there is diabetes that is sent to you. Thereafter, email client, please set that DM via Twitter and Facebook can go in and get priority notification (starred).

With the above, guaranteed iPhone and Android smartphone you'll be free of the problem wasteful battery because Faceboo and Twitter apps. Dare to try?

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