Tips Android: How to Customize Share Menu

Tips Android: How to Customize Share Menu

How often do you use the Share menu in Android devices? If it's too often, do not be surprised because it's Share menu has become the most convenient way for users of Android devices to share data from one application to another.

But one thing that needs to be borne in mind Share menu is a variety of applications that automatically entered into the Share menu. On the other hand, you might just often share data to 3 or 4 applications only. Any stack of applications inevitably affect the Share menu browsing is so slow work because it is heavier and harder to maintain. But not to worry, because Android has a way to overcome them.

You can set any application that is in Share menu by using the Android app called Andmade Share. With this application you will be able to customize not only the Share menu as you wish but can also hide certain apps from Share menu or can also perform a quick access to the applications that you are referring to.

1. The first step of course, you have to open the app and download Play Store Andmade Share. Next you need to make the menu as the default Andmade Share Share Share menu replaces Android's OS. Do it by selecting the Share option from any app.

2. When you tap the Share option, you will be faced with a popup asking you to choose between Andmade Share and Android System. Make sure you choose Andmadae Share as default so replacing Android's stock share.

3. To arrange items in the order in Andmade Share menu, you need to select the Share menu once again from any app. When Andshare menu appears, drag any item from the list to the position you want.

4. To hide the app from the Share menu, you have to open the app Andmade Share of drwer. Scroll down to the option Hidden lalutap apps, select the apps you want to hide from the Share menu.

Andmade Share Pro version ($ 2)  has more features as well as share a few apps at a time. If you just want to try, you can install Andmade Share Free version on Google Play Store now.