How To Register And Download WhatsApp For Mobile Applications

How To Register And Download WhatsApp For Mobile Applications

How to Register And Download WhatsApp For Mobile Applications - For this occasion will review Tekno info about How To Register And Download Apps For Mobile.WhatsApp WhatsApp is a smartphone messaging app with a basic similar to BlackBerry Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that allows us to exchange messages without any SMS charge, because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan for email, web browsing, and others. Application WhatsApp Messenger uses 3G or WiFi connection for data communication. By using WhatsApp, we can chat online, share files, photos and other exchange-lain.Awalnya, WhatsApp is made for iPhone users, then along with the development, application WhatsApp is available also for BlackBerry version, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian.Aplikasi WhatsApp can only work for a fellow user who has the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp application can be downloaded for free on his website. This application uses the mobile phone number that we use to interact with each other WhatsApp users. This application allows users BlackBerry, iPhone, and Symbian to be able to communicate with each other. This app uses push feature so you can always tell which messages are being received.

Register And Download WhatsApp

WhatsApp is already very well known as a messaging service. Amount of competition that is present from LINE, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Catfiz and others do not make immediate left WhatsApp users. WhatsApp application itself can not be considered a long-but he is popular because of the features that make multi-platform WhatsApp can be used on Android, iOS and BlackBerry. How to register WhatsApp is pretty easy and its use is not difficult to make much use WhatsApp users just smartphone.Ok we provide How To Register And Download For Mobile Application WhatsApp below:

1.Download application through the official website or  Google Play 

2.Install the application to your mobile phone.

3.Daftarkan your phone number without using 0 or international format for application WhatsApp uses your phone number to register you in its database.

4.Aplikasi will then send you a confirmation code via SMS which requires you to fill the confirmation code to the next step. Once you confirm your mobile number, you are ready to use it.

5.Aplikasi WhatsApp will be automatically record the phonebook to show anyone who is already using WhatsApp. To find out who has entered into the list, tap on the contact tab. They are using WhatsApp will have a status next to their name.

6.Mulailah conversation with your friends using WhatsApp by clicking on the name.

7.Anda can also invite your friends to use WhatsApp application by using the "Invite Friends".

Excess on WhatsApp:
WhatsApp has a feature to send pictures, video, sound, and GPS location via GPS or Gmaps hardware. The media can be displayed directly and not a link.

WhatsApp, like sms, no need to open the application to receive a message. Notification of incoming messages when the phone is being delivered will remain off if the phone is on.

Red hour for loading process in our HP - Tick mark if the message sent to the network - a double check mark if the message has been sent to your friends chat. - Red Cross if the message failed.

Broadcast to send a message to many users. Group chat to send messages to fellow members of the community.

No need to login and loading contact / avatar, so that transaction data is more efficient. Applications can be turned off, and only active if there is an incoming message, so they can save batrei.

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