How To Stream Video From Computer To Android

How To Stream Video From Computer To Android

How To Stream Video From Computer To Android

How To Stream Video From Computer To Android - The sophistication of today's technology to make our jobs easier and instant in addition to being as fulfilling the need for entertainment is also very helpful in doing the work of mankind. one of which is a sophistication to the internet.
But I wish to discuss is the use of the internet to stream video from PC to android tablet with the help of Air Playit app. Air Playit is a free application that can be enjoyed on all android devices, Mac, Windows and iOS.

Air Playit Before downloading be sure your Mac or PC device has been connected to the router WiFi, 3G or 4G. To be able to run well it's good to make sure that your computer system meets the minimum requirements of the software. After that download and install Air Playit on the PC or your Mac. You can download it here. To be able to use the android device, you can download a desktop client application in accordance with the Water Play operating system used. To download Air Playit for Android click here.

Once you download and install on Android Tablet, back to your PC or Mac. On the main interface view, you will get a port and IP address. It can be used to get the address specification when the application server is not able to get connection information. After that, choose a video server directory contains a list of videos that have been imported or from iTunes or other video to be shared. Then the computer access permissions according to the needs of audio-and video options for distribution. In addition to the settings, Air Playit enables you to access data through the help of a web browser. You can activate this function by clicking the 'Web.' You will get the URL to access the server through the web browser used. This application also allows you to convert various types of data. Simply access the settings menu option and select the data to be converted.

How to stream video from the PC or Mac to your Android device is very easy. First, enable the Air Playit app on Android Tablets and entered as a server. If the application is not able to reach the connection information you need clear server address manually. Step two, find the folder that contains the videos of your collection and click 'Play' to watch the video. You do not have to worry if you are not able to Android Tablet supports the data formats of video to be watched. Air Playit will automatically convert it. Thus you do not need to spend a lot of time before the video stream. Before you start watching the video, you can set the parameter setting of the device by accessing the 'Playback Settings.' In the options you can change the type of Internet network connections such as WiFi, 3G, 4G, or change the video quality and other. It can be used as a video streaming application on a PC or Mac to your Android Tablet, Air Playit also enables you to download videos directly to your Android device. In fact, you can immediately begin the process stream without connection to a PC or Mac, alias directly from Android Tablet.

Air Playit is developed by Digiarty Software, Inc.. It can be used as a way of streaming video from a PC or Mac to mobile devices, this application has many other interesting functions. Air Playit supports streaming music or video from the iPhone and iPad to your Apple TV, streaming directly from Android devices such as the Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S and others. For the server, this application supports the use of the operating system Windows XP, 2000, Vista, and Windows 7. As for Mac, it can be used on OS Leopard, Snow Leaopard or Lion.

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