How To Delete an App From Android Phone

How To Delete an App From Android Phone

How To Delete an App From Android Phone

How To Delete an App From Android Phone - A wide range of applications available on the Android smartphone. And perhaps this is what makes android increasingly favored by many people or society in general. Thousands or perhaps millions of applications can be installed and used easily in Android-based mobile phones. This ease disekiakan so many people more comfortable and more convenient to use android. And can not be denied also, because of this, making the android smartphone mobile phone sales soar high in the market of mobile smartphone sales.

If you are indeed loyal android user, must have been a frequent or are familiar with a wide range of applications in disedisakan google google play or any store. And of course also very often install and uninstall various applications. But even so, this time congkel will share a few tips that are easier in terms uninstall applications you have installed on your android. And maybe this article will be beneficial to the recently using android and love to do a variety of oprek on his cell phone.
More precisely this article is about how to easily remove (uninstall) the application has been installed on the android. Here are the steps.

By default (Default android)

First of all, the home menu, select andorid Market -> MyApps.
Then, select the application you want to waste.
Finally, select the Uninstall button to remove or uninstall the application you want.

Note: If necessary, add a message why did you remove it from the Android app.

Use additional applications.

In addition to using the inherent features of Android, Android users can also use additional applications specific to erase or clicking-unisntall an application. For example, as easy Uninstaller which can be obtained for free on the Android Market.

How to use it:
First of all, run apps Easy Uninstaller.
Then, select the application you want to remove or uninstall.
Finally, select Uninstall Selected Apps button and wait until the process is complete.

Note: With this application you can easily remove or uninstall useless apps from your Android phone.

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