How to Delete Search History on Apple Maps

How to Delete Search History on Apple Maps

How to Delete Search History on Apple Maps - Do not be too surprised if some of you do not know how to delete search history in Apple Maps. Yes, some of us really have so long been using an iPhone or iPad, but there is just a chance we do not know how to do this or that in the Apple maps app.

In Apple Maps, search for a location that you do it will show up when you tap on the search bar. The column will appear in various locations you've previously entered. But when you tap one of the locations for the re-visit it, you will not be able to swipe on each item to delete them one by one. Worse yet, there is no button to delete them simultaneously. Unlike the Apple Maps on the iPad with a Clear button in the search windows, the key is not given in the Apple Maps for iPhone.

How to Delete Search History on Apple Maps
To be able to get to the location you've visited before, you need to tap the Bookmarks icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Once you tap the icon, you can see a complete interface with tab that contains a bookmarked location, a list of places you visited and the name of the contacts in your iPhone. If you tap on Recents, in the upper left-hand corner you will encounter a Clear button. You still can not delete individual items from the list of locations you visited one by one but you can delete all the items together. That is, you can prevent others from knowing what places you just go.

Delete Search History on Apple Maps

You also can set bookmarks using the Bookmarks tab. There is an Edit button that lets you delete individual Bookmark and even rename or set the order of the bookmarks.

Well, now you can begin to explore again with Apple Maps on your iPhone. May be useful;)

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