How to Restore the Start button in Windows 8

How to Restore the Start button in Windows 8

One of the new changes and considered annoying in Windows 8 is the disappearance of the 'start' in the bottom left corner of the screen. But now there is an easy way to restore the key.

The users who want to keep using the 'start' in Windows 8 apps can use Win8 StartButton. And not only restore the start button, this application can also restore some of the old Windows functions such as:

Making 'desktop mode' as the default view, instead of the Metro UI.
Display start button can also be changed. Users can choose classic style display Windows, Windows XP or Windows 7.
Some other Windows menu will also be transformed as the previous version.

When I try, the app is quite functional. Once installed it will automatically start button will appear at the bottom left of the screen.

How to Restore the Start button in Windows 8

When clicked, the button will also display the list of applications in the two panels like in Windows 7. Easily users can more quickly access the music folders, documents, and other images.

The button also provides faster access to turn off the computer. The users in Windows 8 no longer need to refer to the charm bar, then to the power setting just to shutdown. Now only a click away!

Curious as to what capabilities the free app? Users can directly download site. Good luck.

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