How To Install Android Sdk On Windows 7 32Bit

How To Install Android Sdk On Windows 7 32Bit

How To Install Android Sdk On Windows 7 32Bit - Free or free can you get here, the Android Os is phenomenal and so very rapidly once the gadget industry development in the World, got any PC we can easily clicking os install it because it is owned by google, many enjoy doing, and this time let in see how to install Android os 4.0 SDK and Ice Cream Sandwich in the emulator and explores the new features of Google's Mobile OS.
See below step-by-step instructions on how to set up and install the Android 4.0 SDK on your PC.

Step 1 - Download Android SDK file HERE Or his exe File HERE Choose x86 or Windows x64 version, if you are using Microsoft Windows OS.
Step 2 - Extract the Android SDK or install file that you've downloaded to a folder on your PC.
Step 3 - Now, open the folder that has been extracted SDK, and run "SDK Manager" application.

how to install android sdk on windows 7
Step 4 - Run the SDK manager and the program will automatically load all of the Android SDK package.

Step 5 - After completing the process of loading the SDK manager, now you can choose the package you want to install. Here, we will choose "Android 4.0 (API 14)" and "Android SDK Platform-tools" (under Tools).

Step 6 - Now Click "Install package ...". You will be prompted to confirm the package you select for installation.

Step 7 - Then click the "Install" and wait for all the packages to download from the internet and install.

Click Finish and Close Manager SDK, all packages are downloaded and installed on your PC.

Now we are going to Set Up Android 4.0 Emulator

After you install the Android SDK R14 package and tools, it is time to meninstall Android Emulator so you can run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on your PC.

Step 8 - Open the Android SDK folder and run the "AVD Manager". Click on "New" and create a Virtual Device with the details as in the screenshot below.

Step 9 - Click on "OK".

Step 10 - Select the virtual device you just created from the list and click on "Start".

Step 11 - No need to change anything in the launch options, click on the "Launch".

Step 12 - emulator will start after a Command Prompt window flicker and then you will see the following screen where the Android device will boot up. It may take about 5 minutes to boot when loading for the first time.

Step 13 - Once loaded on Android 4.0 Emulator, you will see the Welcome Screen.

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