Creating Custom Lock Screen of iOS Jailbreak App + Themes

Creating Custom Lock Screen of iOS Jailbreak App + Themes

How many collections Lock screen theme that you have on your iPhone? If you do not have to immediately look in Cydia. Unfortunately, the collection Lock screen theme in Cydia so much so that you would have trouble finding a good quality as most unsatisfactory.

Well, if you do not want to waste time searching for Lock screen theme in Cydia, you can try this one trick. In simple language, there is an official app in the App Store, which when combined with a jailbreak theme, will allow you create a custom lock screen theme as you see fit. How can that be?

Yes, that kind of application is available on the App Store, named Clock Builder. If you install Winterboard Clock Builder and ClocBuilder 5 bia theme then you will create a custom lock screen on the iPhone.

The first thing you should do is certainly Clock Builder download from the Apple App Store which sells for $ 0.99. Next you need to download The ClockBuilder 5 theme, free in ModMyi repo. To create the best results, it is recommended that you download Lockscreen Clock Hide and follow the steps below:

1. After install ClockBuilder 5 theme, you need to enable WinterBoard app by opening Settings> WinterBoard> Select Themes> TypoClockBuilder.

2. After respring, open the Clock Builder app and then tap on the List button located in the lower left-hand corner. Tap the plus sign (+) at the top right-hand corner and then will come a rolodex with a selection of items to choose from for ditampilkandi Lock screen.

3. Tap on any item will bring up a toolbar that you can use to select the font, font size, color, etc.. When was confident with your selection, tap the Action button at the bottom of the application. Will pop up a menu with the option of storing your artificial theme, share or set it as Lock screen. Of course you need to choose the last option to see the results.

Interested in trying to make a custom trick on the Lock screen for your iPhone jailbroken? Try it now!

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