Jelly Bean Android Tips: How to Use Notifications

Jelly Bean Android Tips: How to Use Notifications

Android Jelly Bean is the Android version which is the transition of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich to Android Key Lime Pie. If Android 4.0 ICS using the code numbers enough to be Android Jelly Bean Android version 4.1, not 5.0.

Because of that I do not give a lot of changes in Android Jelly Bean. However you can find quite a lot of new features and a few additional updates will be finalized prior to the Android 5.0.

One of the updates in Android Jelly Bean is on Notifications. As before, you can avoid the notifications by swiping to the right. Moreover now with Android Jelly Bean could also widen your notifications by using pinch to zoom feature so you'll get to see more of the information displayed. Enough slide your thumb and forefinger apart or find again both to return the notification to the minimal mode.

In addition to the above additional features, you can also find a small rotation lock icon. The icon is placed at the top of the notification shade. Tap on the icon to lock the rotation in portrait or landscape mode.

Different from the previous notification in the Android version which requires that you set through the Settings, not in Android Jelly Bean. To turn off notifications, you just need to do a long-press on a notification that appears on the screen of your Android phone. Afterwards you will see an App info. Tap on the app info and you will be taken to the app management screen where you can uncheck or uncheck the box "Show notifications" that apply to an associated application.

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