How to Convert PDF to JPG (Being Images)

How to Convert PDF to JPG (Being Images)

How to Convert PDF to JPG - For users of laptop or computer would have been accustomed to using PDF files or other documents to write or save the image in the document. And not infrequently in the documents that had been Convert PDF to Word. PDF documents are more simple than the word, let alone pdf contents can not be removed (unless using special software). However, there are more cool tricks again that Convert PDF to JPG, so the text / image could hardly be removed if it changed its format.

PDF To JPEG Converter is a software that can be used to convert PDF documents to image files (JPG, JPEG), even the software is capable menconversi with many file types including results Jpg, bmp, psd, Raw, ps, HDP, png, PCX, PGM , gif, tga, ppm, tiff, PXM, pam, wmf, DCX, and pbm. This software can be obtained for free at the following link just unfortunately the software is still not a full version / premium:

How to Convert PDF to JPG
Here's a guide to change PDF files into JPG format. Please download the software and install it on the link I gave above, then follow these steps:

1. Open the software as shown below,

# 1. Checklist if you want to output (convert) remain in the same folder,
# 2. Click to define the output in the place you set yourself,
# 3. Click the "Add Files" to take the PDF file you want converted, will automatically appear later fortam output options that cool, please see the picture below.
# 4. After all is OK, click Convert. Please wait until the end to a PDF file into an image (JPG). (Ingat..! Usually 1 page PDF document will be converted into one JPG file)

== >> The above picture will appear when you insert a PDF file, please choose according to your wishes.
== >> In the blue circle to determine how many pages you want to convert, if you select "All" then all pages will be pictures.
== >> In the red box where select output file format you want, please select. If you want results please select JPG JPG.
== >> Then click OK. Only after the next process to Convert CLICK.

Up here Guide How to Convert PDF to JPG. Hopefully you can be helped in smoothing documents, hehehe. If helpful do not forget to click the +1 or share your friend so that others can get this information.

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