Using iCloud in Windows 7

Using iCloud in Windows 7

iCloud is a cloud computing technology that is brought by Apple and has been introduced in the year 2011. We can store data on the iPhone or iPad and instantly watch via Macbook or iMac without having to sync via cable.

Well what about Windows users? Do not worry, Apple still supports iCloud for Windows. How to use iCloud on Windows? follow these steps:
Using iCloud in Windows 7

1. Download iCloud for Windows here and install.

2. Open the iCloud application is already installed in Windows.

3. Put ID iCloud / Apple ID you.

4. Select the data to be integrated with iCloud (Mail, Calendar, Contact, Photos, Bookmarks).

5. Select \'Apply\'.

In Windows, sync Mail, Calendar and Contacts to MS Outlook requires connection, so you need to first set MS Outlook as the default e-mail application you are in Windows.

As for the Photo Stream you can see in the Picture folder -> Photo Strem. If you want to add photos in Photo Stream, copy your picture files in the folder Picture -> Upload.

In addition to Safari, Bookmark iCloud for Windows also supports Internet Explorer browser.

Good luck.

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