Know the Purpose Passbook in iOS 6

Know the Purpose Passbook in iOS 6

Passbook is a new feature in iOS 6, especially for the iPhone, which is capable of storing boarding passes, tickets, coupons, membership cards, and much more in one place. This application serves as a replacement for digital payments implemented so far in a device.

Adding Pass or tickets to Passbook can be done through applications, emails, and websites of companies that support Passbook. Passbook usefulness in the long run rests with the company. We can take the example of Starbucks. If they support the Passbook, then you can save a Starbucks in Passbook coupons and can use it when making a purchase.

Running Passbook will first show the types of coupons and tickets that can be stored. To guide users who are new to the Passbook, Apple\'s App Store button to bring up the list of applications that support Passbook. While only theaters and airlines in the United States supports Passbook. IPhone owners with iOS 6 in Indonesia will likely have to wait quite a while to feel the benefits of Passbook.

In addition to waiting Passbook support by companies in the entire world. Passbook is also designed with a variety of additional features such as the ability to see the position of a seat in the cinema, when the period of validity of a coupon expires, and the remaining funds payment cards. When you use an iPhone 4 or later, location reminders can know your position and displays direct coupon, or a plane ticket at the airport on the lock screen. This of course saves the time required to run the application Passbook and the search for relevant ticket.

One more thing which is listed on Apple\'s site, if you have checked-in on a flight and gate changes, then Passbook will send alerts to your iPhone.

I will explain the steps needed to use Passbook.

Pass adds quite easy to do. From any source, be it applications or email, you can see it first. A Pass has front and rear. If the pass is obtained accordingly, you can save it to Passbook by selecting the \"Add\" button.

Once done add, you can see all the information that is already stored Pass in Passbook. Depending on how the merchant handles Pass, you might not even need to open the application Passbook.

On the back there are some settings for the behavior of every Pass. Should let Pass appears in the lock screen so that it will appear when you are at merchant locations.
Passbook is a feature that is totally dependent on the company to be useful. After reading some of the reviews applications in the App Store, many people are satisfied to use this feature, especially in the purchase of movie tickets. But no one complained groove rarely get Pass in some applications the airlines.

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