How to Use the Microscope

How to Use the Microscope

How to Use the Microscope
Place the microscope on the table so that you more easily make observations through a microscope tube. Make sure the microscope is located in a safe place, adjust the lighting and equipment that has been ready to be used, then do the lighting settings. Observation objects (preparations) can be clearly observed in the microscope when the incoming light is sufficient. There are already equipped microscope light source in the form of light so as to adjust the lighting to turn on the lights only. The microscope is not equipped with a light source can use light or sunlight. When using lights, point lights at a distance of approximately 20 cm from the microscope. If the source of light from the sun, part of the mirror on the microscope light source directed at the coming of the sun, for example, close the door / window.

Arrange the diaphragm and the position of the mirror until the reflected light through the hole table object. Do not direct mirrors toward direct sunlight, as the light bounced off the eye can interfere with vision. Lighting is appropriate and adequate, when observed from the ocular lens would seem that bright circle evenly. This is called the field of view. If the field of view is visible but not obvious, try to rotate / replace the objective lens by rotating the revolver.

After exposure settings, then to be able to see objects (preparations / preparation) through a microscope using an objective lens that has a weak magnification first, then do the following steps:
Put a glass object (object glass) along with the object to be observed (preparation / dosage) on the table object. Adjust the position of the glass object so that the object will be observed in the field of view.
Jepitlah glass objects with a clamp that is on the table objects.
While looking from the side, slowly lower the objective lens by using rough player to a distance of the objective lens and the preparations were observed approximately 5 mm. In some microscopes, the objective lens up and down but not object table (Do not touch the objective lens / glass hitting objects. This can cause the objective lens scratched).
Note the shadow through the ocular lens. Use rough player to raise or lower the objective lens until preparations clearly visible. If the shadow has not seen, repeat step (3).
After the preparations shown, using a smooth player, an objective lens in order to lower the ride right at the focus of the lens (preparations appear more clearly).
To obtain strong magnification, we can change / modify the objective lens by rotating the revolver. Try to keep the preparations not shifted position. If this is the case then you have to repeat from the beginning.

How to Measure through the Microscope
Miroskop used to observe and study objects (preparations / specimen) were very small in size. Size preparations that we observe can be estimated by comparing the size of the circular field of view. Let's measure using a microscope.

Use an objective lens with a magnification weak, such as 10x. Put a ruler / plastic ruler transparent (translucent) with millimeter-scale objects on the table. Length measurement units used are millimeters or microns. 1 millimeter equals 1000 microns.
Arrange rough player so the bar is located on the right focus.
Slowly slide the bar to obtain shadow
If the size of the microscope field of view as in Figure, meaning the size of the microscope field of view is 12 mm.
Replace the bar with the preparation / dosage were observed. Suppose preparation / dosage observed field half the size of the field of view, the size of the preparations is ½ x  12 mm = 6 mm.
How to know the size of the observed preparations? The use of an objective lens with a magnification weak, it would be difficult to estimate the size of the smaller piece. Therefore, it is necessary to use an objective lens with powerful magnification, such as 40x. If the size of the shadow preparations were observed eg ¼ the size of the field of view of the microscope, then estimate the actual size of the observed objects are  ¼ x 10/40 x 6 mm  = 0.375 mm (approximate).

Microscope care
Microscope is a biological equipment that needs to be cared for. How to bring the microscope well is hold the handle with your right hand and place your left hand to support him. Do not swing, toss, or vibrates when putting the microscope and the microscope do not lift the body of the tube, because there will be parts that fall off or if it is you do. Microscope which has been completed is used must be cleaned, use a plastic cover or fill in the box to avoid dust. Keep in a dry place and try in closet equipped with lights to reduce moisture. The lenses are dirty should be cleaned with a soft cloth, cotton sucker or lens paper that has been moistened with soapy water, alcohol, or xilol. Do it carefully because the lenses are easily scratched, which can lead to less obvious observation.

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