Tampons, What Is a Tampon?

Tampons, What Is a Tampon?

Tampons are made of the same material with the pads, but compressed into a small tube shape and used by inserted in the vagina to absorb menstrual blood.

Such as sanitary napkins, tampons are also available in various shapes and sizes that can be selected as appropriate given the swift of menstruation. Indeed, many people are worried about using tampons, as tampons can disappear if our bodies can eliminate or virginity (hymen damage). But, in fact, tampons will not qualify and get into the uterus because the cervix is too small to be able to get a tampon. In addition, at the end there is also a tampon string that allows us to draw it out.

However, you must remember that the use of a tampon inserted into the vagina, and for that not to have sex, it can penetrate and hurt her hymen, especially if her hymen fragile (easily torn) or if large tampon. When using a tampon for the first time, we need to relax because if too tense we can not put it into the vagina. Select existing aplikatornya tampon because it will facilitate the installation.

Same with pads, tampons also need to be replaced every three hours to prevent blood from penetrating into clothing.

Although mens us very little, we still have to replace it every three hours in order to avoid the growth of bacteria. Use tampons full day can be dangerous and make us at risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), which is an infection of bacteria that grows in the tampon and enters the body through the vagina, and then enter the bloodstream and cause symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness , itching, feeling weak, even if not promptly treated can cause death.

The risk that makes tampons is not recommended for teens. In fact, for adult women themselves, the use of tampons also less popular. Perhaps this could be likened to why contact lenses can not be one hundred percent replace glasses. However, if we carefully and thoroughly follow the instructions, in fact harmless tampon use. The combination of pads and tampons can also be selected. For example, you can use tampons during the day and night diapers.
Photo detail how to use Tampon:
how to use a tampon

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