How to Use Twitter for Beginners With New Term 2013

How to Use Twitter for Beginners With New Term 2013

Twitter facebook tidah much different, both are a social networking site. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each, but this time we did not talk about it. This time we will discuss how to use twitter for beginners who do not know exactly how to use twitter.

The use of twitter is actually not as difficult as you think. But if you do not know the basics of course will be a little difficult. Sometimes someone is having trouble finding a fun mood as it has no followers and is not following anyone know. Finally, many stopped to use twitter. Though many topical issues that was big news all from Twitter, a trending topic. Surely if someone is active with minimal twitter know the latest info and more updates. Go see how to use twitter below:

how to use twitter

1. Having a Twitter Account

If you want to use the twitter of course we have to have a twitter account by registering via email at

2. Manage your profile Twitter

This step could be passed, but it helps us fill the biodata and photo first started our twitter profile. It is intended that natinya we have an identity that is characteristic of people who are happy with and we would not hesitate weeks to mem-Follow or follow us on twitter activities.

3. Writing Tweet

Tweet it as well as status in facebook where what we write will be read by those who follow us. Word boundaries in writing this tweet about 140 characters. But you do not have to just write status words, it could also include a link interesting articles useful to the follower if only you.

4. Discuss Discuss specific topic

 When he wants to discuss the topic being discussed Suau also by other users so we can use hastag (#) is the symbol of the fence. Suppose you want to discuss about English league \"# PremierLeagueResults liverpool won ..\" So tweet you make will also be seen other twitter users are discussing the same topic with the hastag # PremierLeagueResults.

To better understand the longer you should understand the terms on Twitter below:

Follower: Follower terms in our language is called followers are people who follow / follow us, then they are a follower of us will receive updates of tweets that we write.

Following: following terms in our language means follows that we are following the twitter account. If we follow one twitter account, then we will get updates from them.

Reply: This replay term in our language means to reply. If we want to respond or reply to a tweet people we follow then simply click \'Reply\'.

ReTweet: ReTweet such terms in the native language that means starting with Re repeat. The term is abbreviated RT kerenya language. RT itself is meant to make someone tweet that we follow to get a Tweet us. Usually people do this RT Tweet person found useful / important / cool / and want to share it with follower.

@: Mention the term is also called with an @ sign serves to provide messages or calls directed at specific twitter users are our follower.

#: Hastag terms with the # symbol as we have discussed above, is to discuss and discuss the same topic.

Direct Message: This term is also called the DM, whose function is to send a personal message to another twitter user\'s inbox. This DM is privacy or private so that only the sender and knowing that sent it.
Trending Topic: This term is the term given to the topic or issue of the booming lively discussion on Twitter, can be globally trending in the world or in our own country we are just depending on the trending topics to display global or regional.

Favorites: This term is a new feature useful for storing twitter tweet from loss we can open at any time.

Connect: the term is a new feature Twitter Connect the function to find out any activity that occurs on twitter, from the mention, retweet, favorite tweets, people to follow, and our interactions with other twitter users.

Discover: a feature to keep track of who is becoming or has become a hot topic trending topic, scale both internationally and regionally.

Embed tweets on your websites: This feature is very useful for those of you who are also active in the blogging world. Its function is to incorporate images and video from Twitter to your website or blog with a script from Twitter, not much different as insert YouTube videos into your website / blog.

Thus some of the terms to make it easier to use twitter for those of you who are beginners. Hopefully benefits.

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