iOS 6: How to Use the New Features Siri

iOS 6: How to Use the New Features Siri

how to use siri

In the latest release of operating system iOS, Apple buried more than 200 new features for iOS 6. Among the new features, there are a variety of upgrades for Siri. For those who do not know, Siri is a \'personal assistant\' available for iOS device users anywhere and anytime. Siri can only be enjoyed by users of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch fifth generation and third-generation iPad. How pintarkan Siri is now in iOS 6?

Understand more languages

At the beginning of the \'birth\', Siri can only understand English (U.S., UK and Australia), German and French. Later in iOS 5.1, Apple \'teach\' Siri to understand Japanese. Now in iOS 6, Siri is also present in Canada (English and French Canadian), Chinese (Mandarin), Hong Kong (Cantonese), Italy, Korea, Mexico (Spanish), Spain, Switzerland (Italian, French and Germany) and Taiwan (Mandarin).

Know the results of sporting events

6 In iOS, Apple also teach Siri to find out the results of sports matches. Sports league backed by Siri in iOS 6 including English Premier League (EPL), Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Premier Ligue 1, NBA, MLB, NCAA Football, NFL and NHL. Examples of commands that you can say, among others,

Show me the league table of English Premier League!
Show me the stats of Manchester United\'s last match!
Who\'s win the match last night? Manchester United or Liverpool?

Know an outstanding movie information

In addition to sporting events, Siri also knows information about the film was released. You can ask Siri to help find a movie with a certain actor or just want to know a certain movie rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Examples of commands that you can say, among others,

What\'s showing now on the theater?
Find movies with Brad Pitt as actors!
Is \'The Hunger Games\' a great movie?

Send a tweet or status update to Facebook

By making use of voice dictation, you can send a tweet to Twitter or update your status to Facebook directly assisted by Siri. Before you send a tweet or status, Siri will re-confirm whether the sentence to be sent right or wrong. If wrong, you can correct them. If so, you could ask him to send a tweet or status. Examples of commands that you can say are:

Tweet Hello everyone! to Twitter!
Post Morning everyone! to Facebook!

Know the location of the nearest attractive local

When you want to eat or hang out in the cafe but did not know where it is located, you could ask Siri to find him. Suffice it to say, \"Where\'s the nearest cafe / restaurant here?\" Or \"Where\'s the nearest Starbucks?\", Siri will find the location nearest you mean. Examples of commands that you can say are:

Find the nearest cafe here!
Find the nearest Starbucks here!

Launch the application

Siri can also help you to launch a specific application that is installed on your iOS device. Simply by saying \'Launch\' followed by the name of the application, the application is about to be launched. To use this feature, simply use the command: \"Launch (followed by the name of the application\". Example: \"MM Launch Reader.\" This feature is useful for you who are too lazy or difficult to launch applications with your fingers.

Other Siri Ability

In addition to the above features, Apple has buried many abilities on Siri in iOS 5 running on iPhone 4S. Capabilities include asking for a phone call or send a message to someone, ask the weather conditions in the area you are in, set an alarm, stopwatch or timer, looking for something based on keywords in the web or remind us with Reminders. All you can still do on iOS 6. Examples of commands that you can say, among others,

Call Mother!
Send my father a message!
Set the alarm for 4 am tomorrow!
Remind me to call my brother tomorrow at 5 pm!

That many new capabilities Siri I feel since the presence of iOS 6.

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