Recognizing and Utilizing Google Docs

Recognizing and Utilizing Google Docs

If asked to the user (users) of the internet definitely never use google everything. They use it mostly to find the data or to open a gmail account and see the incoming email. Apparently, Google still has another very useful facility for Internet users. Namely,

What is

Google docs is one that deliberately facilities provided to store documents that you have. That is, you can capitalize as a place to store your backup data. Suppose your laptop or computer is infected with a virus, you do not need to be confused if it is storing your data in Save your files are still there and will not disappear at all.

How to File Uploading

So, how has If you already have already have a gmail account, then you are very easy to store data in Here are nine steps you dapay do.

1. You open the first site

2. Then you are looking in the service menu on the words \"more\" and click.

3. You will see several options, then click on \"documents\"

4. Will be open command to fill your account. Fill in your email and password.

5. Then will open a window to upload the file. You click \"upload\" and select the option \"Files\".

6. Click the \"Browse\" button to locate the file to be saved.

7. In the \"look in\" You find where you saved the file, then click \"open\".

8. Then it will display a description of the data that is uploaded. Then going out the window that reads \"star uploaded\". Then you click, then the file will be uploaded

9. Once successful, you will see the file name in the file upload window. If you want to see the results, you can click on the post title that you upload.

Now, you can feel comfortable that your important files can disimpang in You can hide your confidential files, as long as you do not let others know your gmail account and password. This is more that you can gain by using google services.

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