How to Display Instagram Photos on Twitter

How to Display Instagram Photos on Twitter

Instagram is now fully stop its support for the technology Twitter Cards. Now picture that has been in the filter using a shared Instagram timeline to Twitter only appeared as a URL, no longer display photos as before.

Twitter finally released an application of its own photo filter in collaboration with startup Aviary. You can see how to use photo filters Instagram replacement in Twitter mobile applications through my previous post 

Instagram Photos on Twitter

But you still can display photos using Instagram filtering results in your Twitter timeline. Tips on how to view Instagram photos on Twitter is to use a special extension for the Google Chrome browser, which is InstaTwit. With InstaTwit, filtering results Instagram photo displayed directly under your tweet.

To get started, all you have to do is install the extension InstaTwit then refresh your browser. Instagram photo filtering results on the share to Twitter will reappear. Unfortunately indeed, this extension is only available for the new Google Chrome browser.

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