How to Use AirPlay on the iPad 2

How to Use AirPlay on the iPad 2

In this article we will review how to use AirPlay on the iPad 2. One interesting application of iOS 4.2 on the iPad is AirPlay. With AirPlay, you can listen to music, view streaming video and photos wirelessly from iPad from one of these:

* Apple TV
* AirPlay Speaker
* Airport Express

Apple TV is the best option because it is reasonably priced ($ 99) and lets you to stream more than just audio. The second best option is to use the Airport Express, the reason being that many people already have it.

AirPlay speakers now many on the market. According to iHome, this is the first speakers that can be connected directly to AirPlay.

Using AirPlay For Videos and Photos
To use this feature, we require the latest Apple TV. Once we have it we can use AirPlay.

* Press the video application and start playing the video.
* Examine the control panel, a small blue box with a triangle (see picture below)
* Tap the box and select \"Apple TV\".

After doing this, the audio and video will be sent to a TV or Resiver We. This is a pretty easy way and quick to mengirm video and photos through Apple TV. For photos, doing the same thing as in the video. But press the blue box when the slide is displayed.

Using AirPlay To Music
If you just want to listen to music, we do not need to use the Apple TV to enjoy the benefits of AirPlay. That we need is something that can send sound through the speaker applications iPod, Airport Express or we can send sounds to wireless speakers. Of course we also can send the sound to the Apple TV and enjoy the music as well. To use this feature do the following:

* Open the iPod application on the iPad
* Start playing music
* We will see the same icon as we did in the video (squares and triangles).
* Tap the icon, select Apple TV or Airport Express or wireless speakers

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