IPhone Siri Tips for Becoming a Smarter Future

IPhone Siri Tips for Becoming a Smarter Future

Siri Tips

Many things you can do with superior features Apple iPhone in operating your fingers to minimize the number of steps in getting things done on the phone, whether it's to set the alarm, find out the results of last night's game is abandoned or looking for a dinner place that suits your event . Since its debut on the iPhone 4S and continued in the 5th generation, iPhone Siri step further solidify the impress the fans.

This time, Paseban will present the feedback to Apple so that the more advance features of this one are useful to your users about how to make Siri work in your phone smarter again and add a 'talent' of Siri can be maximized in order to help all the activities and needs .

In Instant Photo Tags
Would not it be very impressive when you use your iPhone camera and tells you the title of the photo capture, and then to your phone automatically creates a sub-folder of photos automatically adjusted to the title. During the session, the camera will automatically add the photo into your folder until you end by saying end the session.

No need to worry if you forget to do all of this during the photo shoot, you can organize your photos into folders after you select the photos together and say the name of the destination folder. You are also sure to be happy when the camera let you add captions detail by using your voice, which will make it easier to send photos to the social networking accounts.

Facilitate setting
Not too difficult to mengoprek what is contained in the regulation, will be very easy especially when you want to turn on airplane mode just by speaking alone. not only that, Siri iPhone also allows us to control the Bluetooth WiFi and 3G connection even when we want to conserve battery life.

Synergy SIRI
Siri can also be made to assist you in booking the hotel through the OpenTable app and allow you to know the outcome of the game last night you pass through. But Apple should open the door for other developers to further refine the ability of Siri, as an example you can instruct Siri to tell you a cheap flight along with schedules and also ordering, selling shares owned, which this ability can be used for the next scenario in the advance features Apple superior in order to be an attraction for potential users. Not only that, we hope that one day the iPhone Siri can help play the favorite songs just by using voice commands alone.

Super Macros!
Let conditioning your iPhone when you\'re running low on battery power. Normally you will turn off all settings durability drag all phones, but if step further invested in SIRI, then you will be allowed to say Save my battery life and iOS akakn will automatically turn off some important settings, such as lowering the brightness and turn off Bluetooth and your GPS. Siri is also expected to be able to turn off the ringtone in your mobile phone just by saying it.

AirPlay control
Your iPhone will be getting a very impressive when your phone is capable of controlling AirPlay from a distance and can be more memorable event you watch your favorite shows on Apple TV. Or also expected to play YouTube clips in large screen television. Maybe in the future Siri can do all these things. Of all the things that have been disclosed, Apple may be interested in developing the \'talent\' of this diunggulkannya voice assistant, we\'ll see how the future performance of this feature.

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