How to Use Android (Getting Started)

How to Use Android (Getting Started)

How to Use Android

Today is Android Operating System that is growing very rapidly, this allows us to know how to use android properly if we have HP and gadgets based on Android. We know that Android is an OS (operating system) that is issued by Google, Android has several series namely 1.5 (Cupcake), 1.6 (Donut), 2.1 (Eclair), 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Ginger Bread) and the latest was 4.0 (ICS = Ice Cream Sanwich), 4.1 (JB = Jelly Bean).
How to use android? In general, How To Use [dot] net\'ll try to write here:
Early Steps How to use Android

1. Initial setting:
First of all insert sim card then turn on the mobile or gadget, usually setting wizard will appear that there are pictures of Android, then follow the process. Or if in a hurry can skip-skip it first, then can be set later. Setinglah need-need just like the time and date on the HP or gadget.

2. Setting Date & Time:
Setting the date and time of entry into the settings menu >> date & time and adjust to the area and the place where you are, can be manually or automatically, it is recommended to use automatic settings because it would be more accurate.

3. Language & Keyboard settings:
Language and keyboard settings menu go to seeting >> language and keyboard then adjust the language and keyboard options that will be used, usually for language depends firmware is already supporting the local language or not, and usually already installed for keyboard application keyboard default, so the live setting as needed.

4. Internet settings:
Setup wizard for Internet connection settings used to do, (settings >> wireless and network), select the mobile networks and make sure the APN (access point names) is terseting accordance with the provider you have and that you used. If all is terseting make sure the data is enabled on or checked. If it is all in the notification bar (at the top) will appear the letters H, E, G with an arrow) if it appear that the letter means you have an active internet, apn If not then can use the application terseting Assistant APN

5. Setting Gmail Account:
Subsequently setting his Gmail account used to enter the settings menu >> accounts and settings, as very important diandroid gmail account that will access to the market and all google apps sync from gmail membutuhan definitely. How to set up your gmail account click add account and click on google and enter his Gmail id and password. After entering the gmail will synchronize with HH, it is in the notification bar mark with no sign of a circle with an arrow. if you want to add a specific account can use an add account >> corporate.

6. Setting Application:
Go to the Settings app >> Application settings, this setting works so that we can install apps from sdcard, not only from the market wrote, and that if HH dikonekkan to a computer or laptop can connect directly. Open the app and check the Unknown Sources, this function so that we\'ll be able to install apps from sdcard then go check USB Debugging development, this function HH aga we recognize when connecting to a computer or laptop.

Congratulations run the Getting Started How to Use Android, do not get addicted to yes if it is using its Android Market.

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