How to Use Compass

How to Use Compass

Compass is a tool that serves to indicate the direction of winds. And for the adventurous, to be acquainted with the truth about the compass and performance. To know and be able to read a map with a compass direction, then it is likely to be lost to be getting smaller. Important fact for the outdoors enthusiasts, but many are not using it.

Part - an important part of the Compass:

1. Dial, Compass surface which is stated figures and letters degree winds.
2. Visir, is a hole with a fine wire to a target.
3. Magnifying Glass, Compass used to view degrees.
4. Indicator needle is pointing North Magnetic tool.
5. Close Dial with two angled lines that can be rotated 45o.
6. Hanger is a tool to shore Compass thumb while aiming.

Adopting the way Compass:
1. Place the compass on a flat surface, after compass needle does not move the needle shows the direction of magnetic north and
2. Aim the target through Visir, through a slit in, magnifying glass, magnifying glass after the tilt-offs - about 50o angle with glass dial.
The magnifying glass function as:
a. Aiming towards Visir, a target.
b. Lurking in the Dial Compass degrees.
3. When Visir undoubtedly less evident because of the magnifying glass, straighten lines appearing on Dial closing towards Visir, the direction of the viewfinder for easy target seen through a magnifying glass
4. When the viewfinder target then bidiklah 30o 30o towards. Before moving target, set the first target point along the line 30o. Look for a prominent objects / high among other things around it, because the route is not always flat or 30o dry, sometimes-muddy berbencah. The place we Soar (out of the route) with no loss of head band 30 Degrees.
5. Before moving towards the target viewfinder, to target predetermined Back (Back Azimuth or Back Reading) so that we can return to the base when lost in transit.

How to view the compass and draw a bead on the target

Back formula Azimuth / Back Reading
1. When the target is less than 180 degrees = plus 180 degrees
0 degrees - 180 degrees = X + 180 degrees

2. When the target of more than 180 degrees = 180 degrees reduced
180 degrees - 360 degrees = X - 180 degrees

30 degrees is 30 degrees recoverable target + 180 degrees = 210 degrees
240 degree target behind it is 240 degrees - 180 degrees = 60 degrees


N = North: 0 ° or 360 °

TL = Northeast: 45 °

T = East: 90 °

SE = Southeast: 135 °

S = South: 180 °

SW = South West: 225 °

B = West: 270 °

BL = Northwest: 315 °


Determine the compass heading (North magnets) can be done in many different ways without using a compass with, among others:
1. Tomb.
2. Place of worship.
3. The rising of the sun / moon.
4. Moss on trees. (Left and right side of the tree trunk)
5. Shoots / leaves on the tree tip.
6. Bills.
7. etc..