How to Play and Use Instagram

How to Play and Use Instagram

The emergence of Instagram in Android in April 2012 and recorded more than 40 million users. Instagram and after its acquisition by Facebook with a value of USD 1 billion, now has reached the 50 million users who use it.

With the acquisition of Facebook to Instagram, many have complained that the quality of the photos uploaded on Instagram is not like it used to be. Now many photos and alay lebay are scattered in Instagram.

How to Play and Use Instagram
How to Use Instagram

How to Play and Use Instagram

For the beginner who just took part in the popular photo app Instagram, you may want to pay attention to some of the ordinances berinstagram. Berinstagram Procedures should do in order not to interfere with other Instagram users, and you could be the IG-er who deserves to be in the follow.

The procedure for playing and using Instagram is as follows:

Do not Meet or flooding Photo Feed

At Instagram application, the quality of a photo is more important than quantity. Do not meet the feed by posting pictures of the same or taken from the same scene. Try to choose just one photo that stand out and do the following with the appropriate filter Caption interesting. Avoid Flooding!

Do not apply too often \"Narcissistic\"

Downloading photos from ourselves is not a problem but do not be too frequent, and if we want to upload self-snap do on Facebook.

Create a Conversation

Although the basis of the application Instagram is a photo application, and this does not mean we can not have a conversation or shut down. At the time we commented on a photo, try to comment with a positive. Follower we will feel happy and appreciated by our comments were positive.

Try to be creative with a camera phone and not a DSLR

With the app Instagram is actually aimed at candid moments, composition and an interesting cast and a good filter to the images captured from a camera phone. Therefore uploading a photo produced from a DSLR is not allowed or encouraged. Always try to be creative by using a camera phone that we have.

How to Play and Use Instagram

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