How to Use Tumblr (with pictures)

How to Use Tumblr (with pictures)

Tumblr is a microblogging service that has recently become one of the leading social media sites on the Internet. If you are interested in learning how to use Tumblr but you do not know where to start first, just follow the guidelines on how to use Tumblr contained in this article.

Step 1. How to Use Tumblr

Go to Tumblr to register your own account. You must select a user name, which will act as your display name on the Tumblr dashboard, as well as part of your blog\'s URL, which will be \"yourname (dot) tumblr (dot) com\". Take it the same as your twitter username in the tumbler is not permanent, so you can change it at any time by logging into your blog settings.

how to use tumblr

step 2. How to Use Tumblr

Recognize the seven functions of the image above. The picture is kind of posts that you can enter in your tumblr account. Seven types of posts are as follows:

Text. A post text consists of plain text. Images, hyperlinks, video, and some HTML-based widgets can be added. Raw HTML of the post can be edited.
Photo. A photo post consisting of a single image, accompanied by a brief description. Photos can be uploaded from your PC, or you can use the URL of the image that is already on the web.
Quote. A post excerpt consists of the title text (quote) and a line of body text (citing the origin of the quote).
Link. A link posts consisting entirely of a single piece of descriptive text, related to the website or a web page is being described.
Chat. A posting chat enables sharing conversation pieces.
Audio. A post consists of an audio mp3 file. (Be it music tracks, podcasts, etc.), which can be played via Flash music player. Only one audio post per day is allowed.
Video. A video consisting of posting a video link, which can be uploaded from your PC, or imported from sites like YouTube or Vimeo.
step 3. How to Use Tumblr

Follow or follow people and gain followers / follower of your own. Follower is a fellow Tumblr users who subscribe to your blog. Anything you post will appear on their dashboard. If you are to follow other Tumblr users, so their posts will appear on your dashboard. If the person you do not want to follow you, you can block them. The more Followers or the followers you get, the more the chance you post-Reblog and Like.

step 4. How to Use Tumblr

Like and Reblog. If someone likes your post so that they want to share, they were able to Reblog your post. If someone \"reblogs\" one of your posts, followers will see it on their dashboard. If someone does not want to Reblog your posts, they are able to \'Like\' your post.

step 5. How to Use Tumblr

Understand the message. If you give access to your Ask box, you can accept questions from anyone using Tumblr, as well as anonymous visitors. Your answers to these questions will be posted to your blog, for all followers and visitors to see. You can also send fan mail, which is similar to ask or say something to someone, but rather focus on the positive comments to others about their blog.

Step 6. How to Use Tumblr

Queues and draft. If you want to publish a series of posts while you\'re offline, you can add text to your queue (Queue), and select the time interval in which they are published (eg, every 15 minutes). Alternatively, you can point to a specific time in which your writing published, including the date and time. These features are very helpful if you are going on vacation and still want to fill your blog on Tumblr. Drafts, meanwhile, allows you to keep an online post; then you can finish the post when you next log into Tumblr, and publish it whenever you want.

Step 7. Using Tumblr

Edit view your Tumblr. Customize Panel gives you access to vitur appearance settings for your blog, is divided into several sections.

Info. Select the title of your blog, change the description of the sidebar, select an avatar photo, and change the user name / URL.
Theme. Choose from a variety of pre-made theme for your blog. Or, create your own HTML code, to fully personalize your blog.
Appearance / Appearance. Change your background / header image, tagline, etc. Some themes allow room for advanced features such as posting list your favorite or you follow.
Page. Add / remove / edit web pages on your blog. Make About page or the FAQ page is a common practice among users of Tumblr.
Services. Use this panel to link your blog to other websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Community. Change the privacy settings on your Ask box and create a user page filing.
Advanced. This is where you\'ll find other options, including the time zone selection, custom CSS, and how many posts you want to display per page on your blog.

Tips on Using Tumblr
Post your own original content. To optimize the quality of your post, make sure you write the text clearly readable, relevant images, and you stick with the theme of your blog. The most popular Tumblr users are those who dedicate their blogs for a particular purpose.

Adding tags relevant to your post, so that users are looking for more specific topics might stumble on your blog. It\'s also a good idea to cite the source of things that you do not write / create, or you will be accused of plagiarizing.

To protect yourself from plagiarism, type your blog URL in the \'Resources\' in the sidebar of the post composition page. Make sure that your material interesting, and post at least once a day, or your followers will get bored with activities that are not active and maybe even unfollow you.

A few guidelines on how to use tumblr, how do you interested to use tumblr? immediately register your username before taken.

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