What is Siri? and How to Use Siri on the iPhone 4S

What is Siri? and How to Use Siri on the iPhone 4S

One more technology Apple introduced the iPhone 4S Siri. Siri what exactly is it? How do I use Siri on the iPhone 4S? If you\'re curious about what and how Siri, the iPhone 4S follow the tips below.

Siri is a personal assistant or personal assistant is available on the iPhone 4S, with Siri technology you can use your iPhone 4S using a voice command. For example, when you are going to call her sister, you do not need to bother looking for her phone number in the phonebook, but enough said \"Call My Sister\" then Siri will immediately call your sister. It\'s easy and fast is not it?
iPhone 4S Siri

In order to start using Siri, you must first enter your name. Go to the menu Settings - General - Siri - My Info and input your name, then select the language used both UK English, U.S. English, French, or German. Although for now only available in full of U.S. English. Too bad indeed for Indonesian, is not yet available! So to use this you must use the Siri command English!

To use Siri, you simply press the Home button on the iPhone 4S wait until you hear a double beep, then will appear Microphone icon and the words \"What can I help you with?\" Then you only input to Siri commands such as \"Play Marry You\" or \"Play my playlist number 7\" if you want to listen to songs from Bruno Mars Marry You, of course, make sure in your iTunes song collection was the song. Or if you want to send an SMS to his brother live input command \"Send Text Message to My Sister\" make sure the phone number her sister already in the phonebook and relationshipnya already set to sister!

When giving commands to Siri, make sure you utter the command clearly, do not cut to pieces, lest you give the command \"call my ..... mmmm .... my mother? \"Siri certainly be a little confused to hear the clipped sentences and unclear. Also make sure the command is also included clear and more specific, do not give too common commands, such as \"Call My Phonebook\" is clearly going to be confused? The period should call any contact in the phonebook?

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