How to Use and Install Dropbox Dropbox on Computer

How to Use and Install Dropbox Dropbox on Computer

Dropbox is a cloud service for storing various files. How to use dropbox is not difficult, we can use dropbox service for free.

Each file will be automatically linked to the connected computer, mobile phone, or other device that uses dropbox app.

Simply this, with dropbox, we can store files that you created dikomputer office without having to take it through the flash to your home computer or vice versa.

Each file that we save in Dropbox, the file is automatically spread to computers / gadgets that use the same dropbox account or already synchronized. The first requirement to start you must have a dropbox account first.

How to Use Dropbox

Before we start using dropbox, I will show you step by step how to install dropbox on windows.

Once we register dropbox, then we have to download the dropbox app. Download dropbox, after that we will begin to install.

Register Dropbox
Select the \"I already have Dropbox account\", we\'ve signed up before. Then log in with the account you created earlier.

Install Dropbox
Install Dropbox as you install most programs, dropbox save in C:, or select \"Typical, dropbox setup with normal setting\".

Select Storage
Dropbox provides free storage only 2GB, but you can add to upgrade premises.

My advice is 2GB maximize first, then after that you just upgraded. However, if the upgrade is not the best option, you could try dropbox alternative that provides greater space.

Dropbox Alternative 5 Best Free Cloud Storage

How to Use Dropbox Dropbox and Setting

After successfully installing Dropbox, we can add a folder and share it with our friends without having to copy and paste the link.

All we do is to invite friends that we want to invite to our folder, and the file that we save in the folder on the computer will automatically friends who we invite. With the terms you use Dropbox and friends online.

How to share a folder, log into the Dropbox website. Then you we created a folder in there, then the folder will automatically be there on your computer that is syncing application Dropbox.

How to Use Dropbox 1
Right-click that folder there will be several options, select the Shared folder options. Enter the email Dropbox our friend, so we agreed that our friends are synchronized with our friends.

How to Use Dropbox 2
So how to share files without having to share a folder or copy and paste the link, such as mediafire?

Remarkably Dropbox can do it without us having to login to the website, uploading, and copying and links. And the people who are downloading can download it directly (direct).

The trick, we just put our files in the Public folder. Then we right-click the saved file and choose Dropbox> Copy public link.

In addition to sharing features, dropbox can also be used for static websites menghost.

How to Host a Website on Cloud with Dropbox
By storing our files on Dropbox, we do not have to worry anymore if our hard drives suddenly broken. Dropbox warrant that files stored there will remain safe. What I liked best, dropbox provides an undo facility to cope when you save the file which was accidentally deleted.

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