Free Games for BlackBerry 10

Free Games for BlackBerry 10

There are a lot of cool games provided by BlackBerry World that has been compatible with BlackBerry 10. For those of you BlackBerry owners are planning to buy a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10, or you are the owner of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet OS update is lucky to get 10, you will get to choose any games that you have played a decent first BlackBerry 10 handset in your pet.

So, rather than waste your valuable time to check one by one game in the BB10 BlackBerry World, you\'ll want to choose games that we recommend for your BlackBerry 10 handset. What is it?

1. Run In Crowd | Download
Run In Crowd is a racing game that offers action against other participants. Tap to jump or double-tap to double jump. The longer you tap, the higher you jump. In addition you are also faced with the obstacles that try to run farther than your opponent. This game also features a BB10 multiplayer so you can race with other players.

2. Robotek | Download
Inside Robotek, you can destroy your opponent, firing lasers, electrocute them or singe use the microwave. Remove the only robot that you have to fight the enemy or steal your enemy\'s robot. You can protect and upgrade the robot army you have, you can also waste.

3. Radiant Defense | Download
Radiant Defense is a tower defense type of game for free. The game setting is an alien realm inhabited by very large amounts. You are required to build a castle, complete with weapons and capture all of the enemy when they start attacking you.

4. Chasing Yello | Download
In a free game for BlackBerry 10 you will find a gold fish named Yello. Yello beginning was the fish belong to the age of 7 named Mathilda. Accidentally detached the fish in the river and you should be able to help Yello Mathilda terbesas of the net while the river flows through inhabited by ferocious piranha fish too dangerous rocks.

5. Sector Strike | Download
This is a free game that offers shooting action to train your dexterity. Sector Srike deain combines old school shooters and modern 3D games. Later you will pass through 4 different places and generate points for ship upgrades, weapons, combat equipment and your magic.

6. Jetpack Joyride | Download
One more free games that you can play at BlackBerry 10 handset. Referred to as Jetpack Joyride, the game brings the story to a secret laboratory that attempted to free an experimental jetpack project of the criminals science.

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