10 BlackBerry Tips: How to Change Email Signature & Display Name

10 BlackBerry Tips: How to Change Email Signature & Display Name

As in previous versions of the BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry OS 10 also provides default settings email signature \"Sent my form BlackBerrt 10 smartphone\" at the end of the email you send. So if you can change the default settings?

Of course it can. You can even change the words to use your own custom-made. Follow the steps below to change the default settings at the end of the email that you send via the handset BlcakBerry 10.

1. BlackBerry Hub, click the button-shaped 3-point that is on the right action bar. Next you can see the options appear Hub. Select the Settings option. In the Settings, you can set the Hub and a number of other options.

2. Select the Email option. Once you select will be able to see all the email accounts that you have setup on your BlackBerry 10 handset. Select the email account you want to edit.

3. After selecting one email account, you will see the settings for the email account you have chosen earlier. You will be able to see the delete option to change your email signature or use your own words.

If you want, press Enter through the keybaord to make email signature in 2 rows. When finished, click on the Back button to exit the Settings page. Email signature barusaja have to change automatically saved.

4. You also can set the Display Name to the email you send. The trick, as there is in the email settings you can see the Edit Account button located in the Action bar. Click to see the details of your email account settings.

In these settings there is an option to change the Display Name. Display Name is the name visible in the email you send to your friends. After the change, click the Save button in the upper right. Done! Good luck :)

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