Screenstagram - Instagram Screensaver for Mac

Screenstagram - Instagram Screensaver for Mac


Although the weaknesses of such websites for browsing Instagram photos and the fact that it is still an \'iPhone app\', but after the official release of the API a few months ago, Instagram is becoming more popular than ever. This is because Instagram now has many exceptional services with third-party tools for Mac, Windows and iOS devices.

Why Instagram could be as popular as it is? Well, that was built in the Instagram ecosystem was remarkable. This is especially if it is associated with a number of developers who exploded after the Instagram API released to the public. The developer was then used to create external tools and toys such as Postagram; iPhone app that sends real postcards were designed based on the photos on Instagram. Yes, Instagram on the iPhone is not invincible.

But if you think Instagram is not enough to meet your passion for digital photography, you can try Screenstagram. It is made ​​based Mac screensaver photos on Instagram. What's interesting is Screenstagram you can login using Instagram account and even then the screensaver appears in the feed. Additionally Screenstagram will use the popular Instagram's feed to create a screensaver in the sleeping OS X.

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