How To Enable Google Docs Offline Access

How To Enable Google Docs Offline Access

How To Enable Google Docs Offline Access - Offline mode in Google Docs is very handy, especially if you're on a plane or a cafe with no internet connection. When back online, the changes that have been made ​​will be synchronized in the cloud.

There are several things to consider if you want to try to use the features of Google Docs. The main thing is, there is no offline support for Google Docs on the whole.

Users can only edit documents offline. For spreadsheets, users can only view it, but can not edit. While other items such as presentations and drawing from the list of documents can not been unlocked when offline.

There is one word that might sound disappointing. The offline mode only works for Chrome browser users, not to other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer.

After installing Chrome, you need to allow offline access on the computer. If using a classic look, click the gear button is grayed out in the list of your documents. Will appear a new option reads "Set up offline docs (beta)".

After clicking that option, you will be taken to a separate window with the "Enable offline Docs". Finished that step, you will be prompted to install Google Drive Chrome web apps from the Chrome Store. This application will appear side by side with other Chrome apps.

In the upper right corner, you'll see a notification that informs the final documents and spreadsheets that are opened synchronized. Click "View Docs offline" from the menu and you can see which documents are available when offline.

Unfortunately, this is temporarily offline mode can not be used to create new documents offline. Although at the top of your offline documents are a window labeled "New Document".