Android Tips: How to Move Photos to Another Folder

Android Tips: How to Move Photos to Another Folder

How to Move Photos to Another Folder - When shooting using the camera on an Android phone, you will surely see the photos stored in the same folder. At other times, you may want to group the photos you made while on vacation last week, for example, are stored in a different folder, so it does not mix with other photographs. How do I?

First it should be understood that this is not a matter of image, but the file management issues. Thus you need a file management app. For that you can use a variety of file management app which is widely available in the Play Store, but if you do not want to pick and choose, just download Astro File Manager.

For Pro version, you can buy the Astro File Manager for $ 4. But to just try and convince you to function, you can download the free version.

After install Astro, immediately try to run it on your Android device. Tap Camera folder. If you can not find the Camera folder, tap the folder DCIM. Well that's in the folder where the Camera folder you are looking for.

Camera folder contains a variety of photos that had been there on your Android device. Each photo is displayed in thumbnail mode. Tap and hold a photo if you want to move it. If the photo you are looking for a new picture, then you can find it at the bottom.

You will see an orange outline around the thumbnail. The orange line shows that you have managed to select a photo. Afterwards a menu will appear. If you want to choose other additional photos, just tap the photo you want. If you want to select all photos, tap and hold any photos.

Tap the Move option in the bottom menu. Will appear two buttons: Cancel and Paste. For the moment, ignore the first option.

Now try Astro navigate to the folder you want. Swipe right or left to see all available storage. Tap the one you want.

If you want to create a new folder, tap the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner and select New Folder. Once inside, tap Paste. That way you have managed to move your photo collection into a special folder. Good luck!

Download Astro File Manager (free)

Download Astro File Manager (Pro)